Ghosts do exist and behave the way they should, so there.

Bill Boddy

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Much to the disappointment of scientists the "ghost" particles, neutrinos, behave in a way which accords with the Standard Model.

"We were of course hoping for some new physics to appear, but we unfortunately find that the Standard Model, as usual, withstands the test," said Prof Halzen.

There's no pleasing some people.
'Unfathomable guesswork proved possibly wrong or at least up for discussion by latest guesswork that doesn't quite fit with previous'.

I do love the leading edge of science.
Around about 1990, vintly, astronomers were saying that they had very little to discover, just a bit more matter, 25% or so, and that would be that. Since then they have found that almost all matter is dark and that it reacts in a manner totally the way light matter does.

maybe ghosts do exist.
It’s dark because they don’t see it. It’s dark because they can’t isolate it or touch it. But they know how this invisible, untraceable matter works.

Now that’s clever.

Ah, I wasn’t being cynical - the leading edge of science is baffling and amazing - I do love it. But a lot of the theory is just that, until ratified or dismissed. I think we’re barely scratching the surface of what’s out there, and I struggle to understand a lot of it.
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