Gary Hartstein stops as F1 doc


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Well, "stops" may not be the right word, his contract is not getting renewed. He just posted a series of tweets:

Gary Hartstein said:
Have just been informed that president of the FIA and president of FIA medical commission have decided not to renew my Formula 1 contract

Not sure about the "why's" of the decision, but not down to me to know.

Brazil will therefore be my 247th and last Formula 1 Grand Prix. It's been a life changing experience and something I'll never forget

Long list of stuff in my life that's been ignored or not done coz of F1. Like vacations, learning to fly, waking up at home every weekend...

And time now to start banging away at that list.

If I've brought even a small bit to this sport of what it's brought me in personal fulfillment then it was all worth it

16 years of travelling. Learned a lot. For example, I'm starting to think that a high proportion of male cabin crew are gay.

I'm serious! Next time you're in an airplane check it out. At least that's my impression. #mightbewrong

Very strange decision imo, and even stranger that he doesn't even know why. Another mistake by the FIA?

(Note: I wasn't sure where to post this so I just decided to make a new thread)
For someone who has been an intrinsic part of F1 for so long, it's very strange indeed not to even personally inform him why his services are no longer required.
Maybe in this new age of cut and thrust politicking they didn't want him in post long enough to develop the high profile, iconic stature of another Syd Watkins.
It seems as if there is a story behind the official F1 doctor losing his job not so long ago after all.

He has been Tweeting over the last hour or so, threatening to "let the world know what's REALLY going on on the medical side of the FIA."

Here are some of his Tweets - they need to be read in reverse order from the bottom up.

I said at the time it was a bit odd how he seemed to have been pushed out unceremoniously.
We may yet find out why.
Certainly seems odd, given the history there and the sudden and hushed removal of his services. His tweets sound ominous. I'd speculate to say that any real risk of whistleblowing or lid-lifting will promptly be laid to rest by a few calls from FOM or FIA lawyers though. Time will tell!
Can't wait for the next FIA controvesy! Jean Todt's been very quiet throughout all of this, then again he's barely made a sound since being made president in the first place.
I really don't understand this decision. It seems to me that not only must the holder of that position be one of the most expert people in that profession, but that the drivers also believe that to be the case!
Thanks for the link. Fascinating stuff.

It is odd and must be like he said himself, something personal. Don't you need another reason to "sack" someone though? Unless he had rolling contract that simply wasn't renewed?
Reads to me that it was non-renewal, however he personally sees that as a sacking as it likely wasn't discussed/agreed and therefore wasn't expected.
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