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Sidecar racers have the biggest cojones
FOTA comes out fighting.I know, I know that many will say that they have heard all this before and the teams will cave in and meekly sign the new concord agreement.
This however is direct open attack on Bernie. The way F1 is consumed is going to change over the next few years," said Parr, during a Fans' Forum hosted by the Formula One Teams' Association in Montreal.
"There's so much content that you should be able to enjoy. Bernie [Ecclestone] has two or three cameras on every car, and then there are all the circuit cameras. There's an astonishing richness of material and we're not really touching that at the moment."
He added: "There are two things that Bernie thinks about. First, he likes to control the amount of material that's available. He believes that rarity is an important characteristic of our sport.
Im pretty sure Mr Galahad and Mr King would love to get hold of this material especially after a race but I can understand why only so much is made available for our viewing.

With 3 camera's per car and I guess around 30 camera's on the circuit plus an additional 20 camera's in the pit lane as either fixed or shoulder mounted I would estimate there would be around 240 hours of HD footage per race!

This adds up to a lot of bandwidth and they must have some monstrous servers to store it all on!
According to an interview with Derek Warwick in this months F1 Racing, a lot of this footage that we never see is used by the stewards to help make decisions. According to Warwick it's why we at home sometimes think "where did that penalty come from?" when infact the stewards have access to all that extra footage which makes the answer far easier to see. It does make you wonder why they can't show it after the fact to help people understand the decisions that were made though.
If they shared the footage it would certainly help them against the arguement that they are biased to Ferrari or too harsh on Hamilton. Unless it turned out to be true and that's why they don't share the footage...
Presumably all the telemetry is stored as well and the stewards have access to all of this. For example, and I don't want to restart the whole Hamilton, Monaco debate again, but if they can see that a driver braked 50 or 100 metres later when trying to make an overtaking maneuver than they did on the previous 2/3/4 laps then there is good reason for applying a penalty.

As has been said before, it's a shame all this data and footage isn't made available to help us understand the rational behind the decisions made.
Im pretty sure Mr Galahad and Mr King would love to get hold of this material


I think it's inevitable that F1 fans will eventually be able to watch their favorite driver's onboard feed throughout the race. That day cannot come soon enough.

It's good to know that the teams realize the fact that they are missing out on numerous opportunities to share their remarkable product with an audience that craves this sort of material.
Sort of on topic, you know the T bar camera housing on the top of the car?

I know part of it houses the camera and the rolling mechanism for the film to clear away bugs/rain/animal guts but..........It's about the width of a human head, so how long is it before they stick 2 cameras in there and we get a 3D onboard feed, that would be awesome.
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