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you cant fault the effort, the passion & players gave everything. i think that performance beats Huddersfield Luton Bournemouth. highly possible the best 2 teams was in this semi final

i feared this could happen as i joked last week. we finished 5th to avoid forest & we got forest. as the way they beat arsenal & destroyed reigning cup holders & European semi finalists Leicester in half hour

it was alot like our last 2 months. playing very well. but for all the vast majority of territory/ possession we had. great positions we've got into. cant think of a testing save Forest GK made. whereas forest tested ours numerous times & you cant be as wasteful as we have been in the final 1/3rd & expect to beat the best team in the league on form

at least we've got a goal back & something build upon on Tuesday. if we can be more clinical, get the 1st goal who knows. we had the roller coaster of Swindon 2015 which ended in exact same result. & someones hoodoo has to go. as we've never won a match away from bramall lane & Forest have never won a play off semi final
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came into this night, with very little hope because all the odds were against us this was a very good forest team, wouldve won the title over 46 games & fully expected to lose,

fantastic tonight, hung in there, never gave up against a very good team & again you cant fault the effort, passion & they gave everything. thats all you want. what hecky has done has been fantastic. since February he battling upstream with an injury crisis. & playing without a senior striker for 6 weeks it was an incredible effort to get to penalties which are a lottery & samba pulled off some great saves. what can you say their Goalkeeper turned into spiderman. how he stopped ndaiye making it 4-3 with 5 mins left i dont know & then 3 brilliant penalty saves

but still very proud of them.
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on general football, FA & EFL need to do something about this, because along with elderly Luton town who had coin thrown at him last night. we have billy sharp tonight

i hear everyone talks about in the media for a few years, oh we are drifting back to bad old days of 1980's. thankfully i was late 90's. but from what ive known about it we are there right now & its only going to get worse. i dont mean to trivalise it in anyway because it was horrible tragedy in my home town, but i fully understand why the barriers were put up in the 1st place. because if it was worse than this in 80s then im not surprised that "desperate times called for desperate measures."

something needs to be done now tk stop pitch invasions but knowing football, things wont change until its too late. something really bad happens
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I bloody hate home internationals. Nothing against Wales and congrats to them on getting to the World Cup but I wish they weren't in our group.

I hate the whipped up nationalism in all of the Red Tops. The English are called arrogant if we say we're going to win and its the end of the world as we know it if we lose.

But hey ho, once again, well played Wales.
cider_and_toast yeah i get that & scotland was absolutely dreadful. massive letdown. there is too much pressure & intensity on what wouldve been a poor straight forward race

but this was probably the only Bright spot the roy Hodgson reign came v Wales in 2016

i hate them pieces they are so condescending. its like when they said that 2 clubs from the same city should merge. it should never happen because they will have far more passion for Wales than they ever would for GB

which also would be a defacto England team. bar likely Robertson at LB
very underwhelming 3 games. world cup terrifys me. hoping its tiredness, 4 games in 10 days is tough. nevermind a shoehorned in Nations League after a long season. otherwise if we dont improve its 2010 - 2016 again. as if England top group the easy group & somehow beat Senegal R16 (which is no given) a 🇲🇫 QF is a terrifying prospect. if we come 2nd. the dutch round of 16 will be dreadful as well

i will defend Southgate to a point not that he deserves it after those 3 games. that part of the problem is how can you question Southgate with what he's achieved. he has broke alot of glass ceilings in his reign. things that we hadnt done for 10-25 years

& that the hungary game getting massive because lose that & its gets worse with relegation to group B. at least italy & Germany has merit getting experience v big teams but having to play Albania, Armenia & Finland would be more pointless than the nations league is now
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Deffo tired legs after a long season. Add that to a number of changes to give one or two players a run out, and it's not been top stuff. Nothing to worry about though in my opinion.

There was a time when we'd take a draw with Germany and Italy any day of the week.

I think there's nothing to worry about. The players will go away and have a good rest. It will be easier to see who's fit and in form with a month or two of the new seasons under their belts and it's world cup matches not the half baked nations league.
3 seasons out of 3 where we're playing a newly promoted side as our first home game. (and 5th time in the last 10)
3 seasons out of 3 where we're playing a newly promoted side as our first home game. (and 5th time in the last 10)
that is worst time to play as well as i remember brentford in 2017. it was a like a fa cup game & i think any other time of the year we wouldve lost that game. & Sunderland worst of all 3 but looking at tour august its doesnt come harder than that

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we are having a strange 1 watford will be 1st promotion chasing on opening day since 2016, only 2 in 10 years in bolton & bristol city. i didnt realise how shocking we were on opening day, lost 6 of our last 8 since david weir & with the only coming in that brentford game. which we did get very lucky as blackman kept us in that game with a man of the match performance
things could get interesting, if England or Wales (Wrexham & Newport) finish 2nd in their world cup group, as fans will have to choose between their clubs or England/Wales v likely Netherlands in round of 16 as both are kicking off at saturday 3rd dec 3pm
i am gutted, England semi at bramall lane, 1 of biggest games in stadium recent history. that i could have easily got tickets for. but im on holiday ☹
Can you imagine if you play for an International football team and you qualify for a European Championship, then you discover you are going to have to play in Sheffield? Although some of these poor teams have had to play at at some place called Leigh Sports Village, which is in between Wigan and Warrington (apparently).

It must seem like a punishment.

And yes I am a soft southern bastard, thanks for asking :D
The decisions taken regarding host stadiums for this tournament have been appalling to say the least. Nothing in the North East, West Midlands or South West. 2 of the venues are effectively premier league club training grounds.

It's not a great look for a country that's supposed to be the home of football.
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