Ferrari to shut down its wind-tunnel


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I found his article particularly interesting and thought it deserved its own thread:

I also found it particularly puzzling that an organisation with the sort of financial muscle enjoyed by Ferrari should have to resort to using Toyota's wind-tunnel over its own.

How significant a role have these problems played in the less-than-consistant form shown on track by the Ferrari chassis these past couple of years?
I think the Toyota wind tunnel was a German engineering project, in Cologne.

I seem to recall McLaren doing something similar in 2010, during the summer break, where they recalibrated their wind tunnel, things got a little better after that, and there was talk that the lack of success of the initial iteration of the ebd was a result of this.

This might explain some of Ferraris difficulties.
Wind tunnels need calibrating and maintenance just like any other piece of equipment the fact that they are using an alternative in the interim period shows that they are not giving up on development...
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