Fernando Alonso's Thumbs


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Apparently, Fernando Alonso has insured his thumbs for €10M. This was announced in a press conference in Madrid. Surely this is a tad pessimistic on El ‘Nando’s part. He must think that if things go badly at Barcelona, Ferrari won’t give him a lift home, so he’ll have to thumb a lift! :snigger:

Seriously though, this article at Autosport Santander provide Life Insurance for Alonso, did get me thinking. What event do they think might happen which might endanger Alonso’s thumbs?

For someone with a high risk occupation, it usually presents a big problem obtaining life insurance, so this is obviously a publicity stunt.
Or is it?

Can anyone think of any scenarios that might warrant a €10M "thumb insurance policy"? :dunno:
I think I read about this on Autosport or somewhere that it was a publicity stunt to launch a new type of insurance policy for Santandar Spain.

:thinking: Can't think why they chose thumbs though
Quite clever though, watch this space:

Sir Alex Zanardi once drove an F1 car without any legs in a testing session, there'd be some way Nando could do so with prosthetic thumbs. In a "freak" hitch-hiking accident after the last day of the season, Nando loses his thumbs, pockets €10M and Ferrari, not wanting to lose their top asset, pay for his off season prosthetic rehabilitation.

Nando is back in the car for the next season and all is well.

Insurance payout: €10M
Cost of rehabilitation: €15M
Alessandro Zanardi: Priceless
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