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To follow on from my slightly "off topic" entry regarding Jean Todt I thought you all might like have a look at some of the other ladies behind the drivers/movers and shakers in F1. Assuming it's not taking up too much band width feel free to add more.

Isabell Reis (Mrs Timo Glock)


Cora Schumacher (wife of Ralph)


Corinna Schumacher (wife of Michael and H-H Frentzen's ex-girlfriend)


Elisabetta Gregoraci (Mrs Flabio Briatore)


Rosanne Mansell (who Nelson Piquet was very rude about)

Although there is an F1 link, I've moved the thread to the Gravel Trap as it's not really about F1 :D

BTW, it's not our bandwidth that's being used, it's the sites you've leeched the images from.
It's better to either upload them to a free hosting account (Imageshack, etc.) or add them as attachments as a lot of sites frown on this behaviour and have been known to substitute the images for something far less pleasing to the eye...
Yeah, but it's probably more interesting than this season has been :snigger:

Didn't know about leeching, it will be interesting to see what pops up in the next few days...
I'm sure there is a thread already about this but I couldn't find it. During Quali today the cameras were showing a lot of pretty girls in the garages, who are they? Who are the girlfriends or wives of the drivers?
Nicole Scherzinger, girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton

Vivian Sibold, wife of Nico Rosberg
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