F1 teams and drivers as books, movies and songs


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Something me and c_a_t were having a laugh with the other night in chat.

Try and think of a title of a book, movie, song, etc, that applies to a team or driver.

The obvious one is the Bourne Identity amd Bourne Supremacy for Brawn GP

Liar Liar for McLaren/Lewis Hamilton :D

Crash for Renault/Nelsinho Piquet

Any more?
A long time ago at a circuit far far away...

STAR WARS Episode I: The Piquet Menace

In the first race under the stars, Darth Flavio has hatched an evil plan to send his apprentice Darth Alonso to victory in the Singapore GP. The race will be led by two Jedi Knights, Obi-Wan Massa and Mace Hamdu. Can Darth Flavio use his powers to force young Nelson Piquet into the wall? Will Yoda be elected FIA President? And will the extremely annoying Max-Max Binks get the chance to punish Darth Flavio?

Ok, you get the idea!
For Formula1 - The Chain by Fleetwood Mac!

Sorry, I was forced to post that!

As recompense, I suggest for the street circuit, Valencia - Up The Junction by Squeeze.

Also, for Flavio Briatore* - Yesterday's Men by Madness.

I'll get me coat...

* P.S. - The spellcheck on Firefox has the following suggestions for Flavio Briatore - Flaming Inebriate! LOL
The Crying Game for Renault employees.

The Italian Job for Luca Badoer.

The Fast and the Furious for Lewis.

I F(ia)ought the law and the law won - Ron Dennis.

Radio GaGa - Pat Symonds

Bitch School (spinal tap) - Max Mosley

"We are the Champions" - Button?

"I want to break free" - BMW

"I get by with (a) little help from my friends" - Hamilton/Raikkonen/Alonso

"Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye" - Nelsinho Piquet

"It Wasn't Me" - Flavio Briatore

"D.I.V.O.R.C.E." - Kimi Raikkonen

"Sorry seems to be the hardest word" - Flavio Briatore (again)

"Suspicious Minds" - Duet Ron Dennis/Alonso

"I Predict a Riot" - Sutil/Trulli, or Kobayashi/Nakajima

And don't forget LH winning the title by rocking round the Glock!
Nelson Piquet jnr - "Another Brick in the wall part II"

Nelson Piquet Snr - "The sun ain't gonna shine anymore"

Seb Vettel - "Why does it always rain on me"

Jarno Trulli - "The day we caught the train"

Fernando Alonso - "The Bitch is Back"

Mark Webber - "Bicycle Race"

Jenson Button - "Every loser wins"

Lewis Hamilton - "Where have all the good times gone?"

Rubens Barichello - "Wishing I was lucky"

Lotus - "The boys are back in town"
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