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With Adrian Sutil's pending appearance in court on assault charges I thought it worth starting a thread about other drivers who have found themselves in trouble with the law. Here's a couple which sprang to my mind.

Lewis Hamilton (twice) - caught for speeding in France back in 2007 clocking 121mph in an 80mph limit and then arsing about in Melbourne last year doing wheel spins (whilst Alonso and another driver were ignored for racing around the streets of that fair city despite posting a video of it on You Tube)

Betrand Gachot - spent two months at Her Majesty's Pleasure in 1991 for spraying a London cabbie with CS gas. Some bloke called Schumacher took his seat at Jordan, so now you all know who to blame.
I may be wrong, but wasn't it Mansell who got pulled for speeding somewhere in the south, fairly sure the story goes the policeman started wih the line of "Who do you think you are, Alain Prost?". I may have got that story mixed up somewhere though....
Here's a beauty from this side of the pond.

Charlotte Motor Speedway president Humpy Wheeler entered Willy T. Ribbs to drive a Winston Cup (NASCAR) car owned by Will Cronkite in the 1978 World 600 at the Charlotte track. After Ribbs skipped two practice sessions and was arrested for evading police when he drove the wrong way down a one way street, Cronkite replaced him with Dale Earnhardt.

Classic Willy T!

edit - and he did test for Brabham, so I guess you could call him an "F1 driver", maybe...
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