Extrasolar planets


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Have 3 times more planets than we ever knew of before

NASA's Kepler spacecraft hunting for Earth-like planets around other stars has found 706 candidates for potential alien worlds while gazing at more than 156,000 stars packed into a single patch of the sky.

If all 706 of these objects pass the stringent follow-up tests to determine if they are actually planets, and not false alarms, they could nearly triple the current number of known extrasolar planets. They were announced as part of a huge release of data from the mission's first 43 days by NASA's Kepler science team this week.

http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/k ... 00618.html

I fkkin love space
Bullfrog said:
Space; fuller of stuff than before.
You know, I looked up in the sky this morning and I thought, it sure looks crowded up there! :thinking:

Speshal said:

Have 3 times more planets than we ever knew of before

The future home of human kind could be one of those planets! Just have to find out which one and build the space craft, before the sun goes super-nova..!
Brogan said:
McZiderRed said:
before the sun goes super-nova..!
I'm fairly sure we've got several million years grace :D

Depends where you got your information from. If its the same guys who predicted global warming then who the hell knows how long we have left.

Don't panic
This should be of interest to all the budding astronomers out there:

Mr Sasselov was a bit naughty and leaked information that he wasn't suppose to, specifically that of a group of 265 candidates found, 140 were considered 'earth like' - the definition of 'earth like' is having a radius no greater than twice that of the earth's radius.
This is all well and good, but I don't know why we bother trying to find potential homes, the human race will be exsctinct or able to survive supernavae in 5billions years, and any aliens will be either a) tell us to go away or b) send us messages that take many years to arrive, and we can beome penpals :) but be honest who ever talks to thier penpals?


or don't as i'm not american...
Or we will probably offend the aliens in someway (knowing how some people are) and they declare war on us and then wipe us all out.................
Well I should think the short term plan will be to find planets that give all the indications that they are harboring life and then compare attributes of that planet/solar system against our own so that we can better understand our own origin.

As long as we stick with Einstein we wont be visiting anyone anytime soon studying from afar is the next best thing.
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