Exo-Planet Discovery


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Here we go again. NASA to hold press conference this evening 6PM (british time) regarding "new discovery about exo-planets" and the tabloids have gone into overdrive again about alien life and so on.

What will it be this time? A planet entirely made of Bayley's irish cream? An ex-moon in the shape of Flavio Briatore's thong or evidence of gas music from hot Jupiters?
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Maybe they have found Trumps home planet?

It will be something ground breaking like they are made of rocks, water and gas.

When they really do discover aliens nobody will be watching. Too many anticlimaxes before hand.
They've found 9 planets around 1 star. Also aliens. Not really.

7 potential earth's. Or not.

That's it.
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Plus they haven't actually looked at them, as in seen them visually. They have just detected their existence with computers and machines..
The number of planets that they say are in the "habitable" zone is three. I don't know, you wait years and years and years trying to find planets which could have life and then three come along at the same time, just like London buses.
I think the news really is simply that they now have better means of detecting small exo-planets rather than "major news" about this particular one.

Plus, weren't they saying fairly recently they now thought that red dwarf stars were far less likely to provide life-harbouring planets around them than previously thought due to red dwarves' very high rate of star-flare eruptions? Planets in the goldilock zone would have to orbit them so close they'd be constantly battered by magnetic storms. Red dwarves are small and convective, so whatever's brewing at their cores pops straight out into space, unlike the Sun, where most of it remains sealed in. And even here on earth, solar flares can cause problems. So what are the odds of a planet that is both a hundred times closer to its sun that emits a thousand times the amount of solar flares we get get here keeping its atmosphere intact?
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