Engine designations for 2009


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I was just checking the engine designations for 2009 and I notice some manufacturers have incremented their engine model numbers whereas others haven't.
Mercedes, BMW and Toyota have incremented theirs, Ferrari and Renault haven't.

With the engine freeze, how can the engine model number be incremented anyway? Surely it's the identical engine to last year?
Except for Renault of course who curiously have kept the same designation.

[b]Manufacturer 	2008 		2009[/b]
Ferrari Ferrari 056 Ferrari 056
McLaren Mercedes FO108V Mercedes FO108W
Williams Toyota RVX-08 Toyota RVX-09
Renault Renault RS27 Renault RS27
Toro Rosso Ferrari 056 Ferrari 056
Force India Ferrari 056 Mercedes FO108W
BMW Sauber BMW P86/8 BMW P86/9
Red Bull Renault RS27 Renault RS27
Toyota Toyota RVX-08 Toyota RVX-09

Unless my 2009 data is incorrect.

If it's the same engine it should have the same number! Renault have got it right.

I think silly people have got so used to renumbering to follow the year (hello Toyota!) that common sense has gone out of the window.
Well it may be that the information is incorrect.
I've been trying to verify it on the various manufacters sites but the data either isn't there or they've hidden it away so it's not easy to find.

However, having said that, the same manufacturers changed designation from 2007 to 2008 so it is more than likely correct.
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