Attention Email addresses using hotmail, live, outlook and other Microsoft domains


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Please note that any email addresses related to hotmail, live, outlook, or any other Microsoft owned domains will no longer work and your account will be set to a bounced email status.

This is due to Microsoft, in their wisdom, placing the server IP address on an email blacklist.

I recommend using gmail or an alternative domain.
Any emails sent by the site to those addresses are being rejected by the MS servers.

So you won't receive them.

Subsequently, the forum will mark your account as invalid, which will require email confirmation to reset it.

However, any emails sent by the site to those addresses...

Well, you see the problem.
Yes, but once the account is set to the email bounce status, a message will be displayed to you stating that your email address is invalid.

To clarify, this is all due to Microsoft and their ridiculous (incorrect) policy - they have done the same to many other servers so this site is not alone.
Ironically RasputinLives, the email address generated as part of your email change bounced :D

Anyway, I submitted an unblock request to MS and they have stated that:
Our investigation has determined that the above IP(s) qualify for conditional mitigation. These IP(s) have been unblocked, but may be subject to low daily email limits until they have established a good reputation.
Please note that mitigating this issue does not guarantee that your email will be delivered to a user’s inbox.
Ongoing complaints from users will result in removal of the mitigation.
Mitigation may take 24 - 48 hours to replicate completely throughout our system.

How generous of them :rolleyes:
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Brogan just been through this for a government client where their email servers got blocked, have a few contacts to remove these issues if you want to let me know the log number will give them a kick ;)
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