Does social status affect driver preference?

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Snobbery in Formula one

  • I have post-16 qualifications (A-Level, AS level GNVQ) and am a Lewis fan

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  • I have a postgraduate qualification and am NOT a Lewis fan

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  • I have a degree qualification and am NOT a Lewis fan

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  • I have post-16 qualifications (A-Level, AS level GNVQ) and am NOT a Lewis fan

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  • I have a manual job and am NOT a Lewis fan

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Spurred on by Castors thread on 606
I have decided to do a straw poll amongst users here on whether or not social class affects driver preference.

You are welcome to leave a comment below to back up your vote.
If there is interest in this as a topic I shall repeat this for Alonso fans.
Re: Does social status affect driver preference

I would struggle to ever link the two....

I think any vote concerning LH or FA is always going to be tainted due to the goings-on last year.
Re: Does social status affect driver preference

Time to don the flak jacket methinks I can feel a lashing coming my way lol
Marvellous! What can we interpret from the results so far?

Needs some WUM bait tomorrow...
Absolutely nothing Castor lol .. yes getting the wums in on the act would be interesting :o and Brogan and Max may be busy ;)

Sorry I was a bit off earlier Castor .. I should lay off the Baileys <cheers>... but it is an interesting question.

Should we do the same for Alonso fans .. in the interest of fairness and all?
Sorry salti, I've only just stumbled across this thread. Apologies... I think it's excellent brain fodder.

I can't fully commit to the degree that I want to at this moment (due to the stress induced alcohol consumption inspired by forthcoming exhibition, i.e. (eek!) tomorrow but... this is one of the areas I hoped this forum might be able to discuss "WUM-less".

Nice one, salti.

Will get back to you post "stress-event". (Provided it doesn't bore the "membership")

(in a "non-snobbish" way)

Hi all, Finally i'm here.
Well, as far as your question is concerned i don't think that education decides what sport you actually like/dislike or which star, sportsman you love/hate mainly because all these things are largely controlled by the chemical reaction which is going inside your right brain.
I am sure that if large number of people vote on this you get almost equal % of votes for all the options.
Not at all boga :) I was more interested in seeing the result of the poll (anonymous) as opposed to any comments.

I don't want to upset this place either, and in fact, if this thread is deemed to be causing trouble I have no objection to it being pulled. I'm afraid I just got a little bit het up on 606 last night to the inference that Hamilton fans are smart, hence Alonso fans are stupid and this was the reponse. :oops:
sure and no problem. just my reaction :)

the mere idea that people like a driver cos of their intelligence is, well, stupid really.
plus, in all honesty. i am fed up with all this LH stuff.

cos you can look at the situation objectively. for instance, you can compare LH to jacques villeneuve.

they both had a pretty similar first season, actually jacques could have won his very first ever GP had it not been for team orders to let Damon Hill win. but ok. when you look at their second season (jacques won the WDC in his second season) then LH is nowhere in comparison to what villeneuve did that year. jacques had 10 poles and 7 wins in his second season but all of that seems to have gone away in the mist of times. plus jacques had 5 DNF that year and was DQ in japan.

but i suppose he was not british. and that might be the answer to all the issues.

ok, i said it. this is for me, end of conversation regarding LH. i am off for a coffee and to earn money!
Hi Salti

What about adding an "I am totally indifferent option" - sorry, if that queers the pitch!
Hi Jenov,

I would if I could but I can't.

Unfortunately the maximum number of voting options is 10 which I have already used. The survey was done in the heat of the moment as it were and if I had thought about it more it would have been done differently ... or not at all ;)

The initial aim was to challenge the perception that LH fans are smart and FA fans are dumb but I guess people can vote for which ever option they like and the results will be skewed.

I'm honestly sick of the view that I personally don't like LH because I am dumb, and biased because I am not English. Anyone who cares too can look at my recent 606 posting history and see that I do praise Lewis when he has done well ... but also take the mickey a bit after silly incidents, to me that just means I am sitting on the fence and undecided but to others anything less than fawning support = hatred... weird or what? End of rant.
Hi salti,

same here. i wrote an article that i at times didn't understand LH and nearly got killed so to speak. had people call me idiot and all sorts of stuff.

oh well, i just hope for better times :) in the meantime i am pretty careful which threads to write in and which ones not.
The problem with any poll on LH or FA is it is going to be badly skewed by supporters, those that "hate" (in their own words) either driver and those just out to prove/disprove a point.
Especially as the poll is linked to 606.
One only has to skim through some of today's posts on there to see just how strongly people think about either driver.

Me? I support a range of drivers from different social backgrounds and countries.
I don't think the pigeon-hole has yet been designed that I fit into lol
So where is option

"11, I am intelligent enough to like F1 without having to lower myself to some sort of fandom love/hate decision?"

None of the above voting options apply to, I would have thought, most true supporters of the sport.

Take care

ah, the answer is simple... just include 'spyker' in a poll and i am completely happy and know what to vote. not too many spykers lovers or haters around :) lol
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