Do we live in a hologram?

Bill Boddy

Professional layabout
Yes, the universe is a 3-D projection on 2-D space.

No, it's a load of old cobblers.

I remember seeing a hologram in the entrance hall at GEC Research in Wembley many years ago. I can't remember who he was, but suspect he was Martian due to being various shades of green. Red Dwarf fans consider holograms as normal, of course.

Still, it's nice to know that scientists consider String Theory to be either true or false.
And sometimes when they have proved the theory, they change tack and disprove it!

So much for scientists.
Well it's no bad thing. It wouldn't be any fun if we knew everything.

Thing is, every time they find clues to any single riddle posed by the nature of the universe, every answer triggers a million other questions.
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