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Apologies to FB, but I inadvertently stole this idea to try and look at something else so I may as well post the results now the season is up. I've even had the cheek to rename it to the PTC (points total championship) :spank:. Anyway...



Differences to WDC Standings:



Differences to WCC:

This system heavily penalises retirements and amazingly Raikkonen would have been leading the championship by 3pts from Vettel and 6pts from Alonso, creating an even more exciting season finale! After Raikkonen's disaster of a race and Vettel's issues, Alonso would have taken the WDC by 1pt! Poor old Lewis Hamilton is left down in 7th after his terrible luck this year. By looking at the difference to the real WDC, it's quite easy to identify the drivers who have managed to bring the car home on more occasions than their rivals, particularly Ricciardo who moves all the way up to 11th! Di Resta and Senna are the other big gainers. At the other end of the spectrum, along with Hamilton you find the likes of Perez, Schumacher, Maldonado and Grosjean who have all had miserable moments in the season.

The constructors championship changes comparatively little, the only real change is that Force India and Toro Rosso make gains due to the consistency of their drivers whilst many of the drivers in the other midfield teams find themselves in accidents a lot of the time.
It's a slow day at work so I thought I would work out the 2013 Championship based on the "Points for Places" system - lowest score wins. Hey, guess what, Vettel was still Champion and by a country mile! The only "winners" were Lewis Hamilton who crept up to joint 3rd with Mark Webber (can't be bothered doing a count back but I'd put Lewis ahead as he won a race) and Nico Rosberg who climbed 5 places. Also, in my system, Max Chilton finished ahead of Heikki Kovalainen - GO MAX!

Here's the list (for those interested) and the positional change compared to the current points system.

2013 FB.JPG
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