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The BBC's Sports Personality of the Year takes place this weekend so I thought the CTA crew might like to vote for their favourite. As there are no racing drivers in the list this year we can all be objective in our choice although even if we had an F1 World Champion it's unlikely the would win anyway - the look on Jenson Button's face when Ryan Giggs won the award last year still haunts me.

In case you dont know what each of them do here's a brief guide:

Mark Cavendish - Pedals a bike
Graeme Swann - Throws a ball
Jessica Ennis - Runs, jumps & chucks things
AP McCoy - Hits horses with a whip
Amy Williams - Mad
Tom Daley - Splashy bloke
David Haye - Punches people
Graeme McDowell - Hits a little ball and then walks after it
Lee Westwood - also hits a little ball and walks after it
Phil Taylor - Throws pointy things
Got to go for the Olympic Gold Medalist on this occasion.

I'd just like to say that I hated last year's win for Ryan Giggs. While he is a great athlete, he was not in the top 10 Manchester United players of 2009, never mind SPOTY.
I like cycling so i went for Cavendish, 5 or 6 wins in the tour de france ealier this year and got the gree jersey, and nearly won it. AP Mcoy will probably win as horse racing fans will vote for him as he finally won the National.
Well we were all wrong, AP McCoy won; a man who's success is mainly down to the horses he rides. So there go, shows what we know doesn't it. From my point of view the worst SPOTY winner since Zara Phillips.
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