Corruption in football reveals 680 fixed matches


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A Champions League tie played in England is one of 680 matches across the world investigators say was fixed.

European police did not reveal the identity of the match they believe was corrupt in England.
But Europol did say that they had uncovered an organised crime syndicate based in Asia that was co-ordinating the operation.

Some 425 match officials, club officials, players and criminals are suspected of being involved.
Oh dear...
I think it has been evident for a while that there has been match fixing by low-income players in foreign leagues for a while. But a Champions' League match in England? Surely that will involve well played players?

It may be worth mentioning that Welsh Champions The New Saints play their games in Oswestry, so their UCL qualifiers count, but if it does turn out not to be them the fan is getting ready to be hit.
The Champions League match in England surely has to be the semi final between Chelsea and Barcelona in (I guess) 2009. It was the most blatant fix I have ever seen! Apart from that, the whole thing is outrageous but sadly humans are alle greedy or susceptible to blackmail. And because of that things like that will always happen
Corruption happens in must sports, but I'd never in a million years have guessed that a game in England would be fixed :(. It makes me think that things aren't all that rosey and that football has become far to commercialised.
It very much seems to be Liverpool vs Debrecen from 16th September 2009. Their goalkeeper has been banned for match fixing in the past and they conceded 19 goals in the group (only 2 of which vs Liverpool, so 17 goals in 4 games against Fiorentina and Lyon).
Where there's sport there will be people who will cheat and take advantage for profit, without exception, I'm willing to bet that nobody can name a clean sport....
Just because a fixed match took place in England doesn't mean an English team was involved. As it was in the Champion's League (what an odd name for a competition which includes teams who finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th) it's very possible the English team didn't have clue the match was bent.
I have heard that the match between Debrecen and Liverpool was fixed, with Debrecen supposed to lose by 2 goals, Liverpool only managed to score 1!!!
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