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Through the European Space Agency, Great Britain now has its first fully paid up and funded astronaught safely aboard the International Space Station. Test pilot and former Army Major Tim Peake begins his six month stay on the ISS this evening.

As I've posted before, Britain was the 4th country to place a satelite in orbit using our own complete launch system but became the 1st country to abandon the entire project. British industry still has a huge amount to offer in space and aeronautical technology so it's great that we now have a way of inspiring young engineers.
I stopped reading that article the moment it praised Richard Nixon and Tony Blair in the same paragraph.


I'm a fan of space exploration, science and technology. There are far worse ways to spend money. At least in space nations collaborate on projects. So what if a bit of capital was made out of it in the press it beats the shit out of endless crap about IS, slagging off Jeremy Corbyn, never ending talk of buget cuts and blah blah blah.
I await the next press article claiming this essential repair was nothing more than a PR stunt that could have been fixed by just winding the window down, leaning out and giving it a rattle.

The walk was cut short due to water appearing in Tim Kopra's helmet. There was not a lot but it was cold; this indicates that it was due to a leak from the space suit's cooling system. Either that or the rain has spread even further than we thought.
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