Comet Of The Century

Disappointingly, no-one could be bothered to predict the end of the end of the world in the run-up to the comet's passage, so we don't even anyone to laugh at this time. Maybe people are bored about the end of the world.
What would be really typical... is the possibility that a large enough fragment survived to be observable yet when it nears us (which hasn't been ruled out yet as far as the latest updates updates are concerned)... only for skies to remain completely overcast throughout. Meaning there'll be nothing to see anyway.
Meanwhile while the world went into overdriver over ISON which has by all accounts petered out into oblivion, there has been another, far more reliable comet that has been for some time visible to the naked eye and will remain so over the next 40 days or so: comet Lovejoy.
Less spectucular than ISON promised to be, but it's a real comet nonetheless and it does look rather spectacular with a pair of binoculars, and here's how to where to find it over December:
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