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Who will be the lucky chappy that joins C_T_A and becomes the 2,000th member and what will be his/her username?! :thinking::popcorn:

Right, I reckon that everyone should guess the user-name that will be chosen by "Mr/Mrs/Ms Twothousand".
The one who guesses correctly buys 2000 lottery tickets and shares the winnings amongst the CTA membership!

Gets my vote :D

We have actually had well over 2,000 registrations, but quite a few have been deleted when we were on the old software, and then when we migrated, the user ID numbering became sequential again filling in the gaps.
We've also deleted a few spammers and dormant account since then so I estimate several hundred accounts have been pruned over the years.

That therefore makes the member with ID 2,000 this chap: http://cliptheapex.com/members/david-bana.2000/

Although he's not the 2,000th member :)
To quote the 7 year old on a long car journey, "Are we there yet"? LOL Seems moments ago we were just over 1,000.........
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