British GT3


Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone else ever goes to the races. 'My' *ahem* ferrari won round 9 :D but it looks like the Trimite Viper is a cert now for the title. CiM are fighting the three CRS Fezzas for second.

Great fun if you get to go and see the races - bunch of Vipers, Astons, Gallardos and F430s being driven hard, half the time by a bunch of amateurs! There something strangely disturbing / satisfying about seeing a £quarter million Lambo being smashed to pieces on its first outing...

Anyway - anyone else interested?
I'm a fan but watching Lambo's, Aston's and Ferrari's getting smashed always makes me wince.

Haven't really seen too much of it this year unfortunately.
I used to record everything from Sky but the schedules were always so messed up that I usually ended up recording something like indoor sprout balancing instead of the motor racing.

Think I'll have to fire DigiGuide up again to see what's happening...

BTW, if you've got the schedules to hand, feel free to stick them in the Calendar.
It's even worse trying to catch the Channel 4 coverage. It could be any random Sunday at 7.30am, or perhaps a Wednesday at 2am?! I've videoed my fair share of cross-country stilt walking and international long-boat racing myself too. I'll stick the dates in the calendar, and of course there's images too. Looks like I'm in for an evening of uploading...
Well - I'm sort of celebrating. Although Gornall and Barnes won Round 11 at Brands and now only need 2 points in Round 12 tomorrow to secure the championship, Hector and Alan came second and are now second in the championship and the only ones who can catch the lead pair, which we're pretty chuffed with. Here's hoping they can hold off the CRS Ferrari's and keep that second place over the last three races.

Anybody who's interested, the coverage of Rounds 9 and 10 from Thruxton are on Channel 4 at 7.20 tomorrow (Sunday) morning. A 25 minute programme to cover two rounds! Criminal. I'll be videoing it though because they won Round 9 :D
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