Books on F1

I've just read the Red Bull RB7 Haynes Manual - makes for a good read. It's obviously riddled with information from as far back as the RB2, nonetheless it expplains core principles well and has ignited a thirst for more.

My other read is The Art of the F1 Racing Car , a beautifully photographed celebration of the world's most defining F1 cars:

Any other suggestions gratefully received!
If you like the technical details and beautiful photography combined then I would recommend a look at the book from Mclaren called "The Cars". The second edition is out now which includes every road and rac car McLaren has made between 1964 and 2011 (Including a soapbox that they built at one point). There is in depth text on each car, full technical specs, race results and input from the drivers of the period. If you can borrow a copy (is not cheap at about £50 if my memory serves) thn it is worth a read and is interesting to see how the cars developed over the years both in terms of the tech as well as the rules of F1.
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