Bloomberg covering FIA GT and Le Mans series


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Just in case this hasn't been picked up already ..

Don't know if you get Bloomberg (I get it on Virgin cable channel 609 also on SKY channel 502) but I got a pleasant surprise the other week. If you've ever checked it out you might have cast it from the mind as it's a business channel. However, they've taken to covering the Le Mans series and FIA GT racing. Today at 12.00noon (BST) they've got GT1 Algarve highlights followed by live coverage of the qualifying race at the Sachsenring!Main race live on Sunday from 12.30 pm (BST).

I don't expect this to turn into a discussion but I thought folk's might like to know.
And Wattie commentates (no, not the bloke out of "The Exploited") so if you're a fan of his there's another reason to watch.
GT's at Silverstone today on Bloomberg @ 13.00 BST. (about an hour from now) on until 15.00 BST.

Edit: Bloomberg following Eurosport example - telling you they're covering somethingand we're still waiting for the program. Time now 13.15 BST. Doh!
Sorry folk's ... a bit late giving the heads up. Live on Bloomberg now - GT's qualifying race live from Navarra. I'll edit in feature race times later.

Edit: Fabulous audio - engines sound great - thundering V's. Some great footage from bumper camera's as well. Worth watching whilst we're suffering F1 DT's.
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