Bernie's bad year gets worse


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Oh dear oh dear oh dear, Just when it seemed things could not get any worse it would seem that Mrs Ecclestone has applied for a divorce from our dear beloved Bernie. Not a great issue you may think as these things happen all the time to the rich and famous but let's just put it this way, Bernies company that manages and runs his involvement in F1 is called SLEC holdings. Now here's the funny part, the name comes from Slavia Ecclestone and she owns 50 percent of the company.

What with money shortages affecting every area of motorsport at the moment this will add another spud to Bernies already overflowing plate.

I wonder what the long term affect of all this will be?

I wonder, it'd be funny if she got the FOM and flogged it on to someone who knew what they were doing...! (Although more likely Max Mosely or Luca di Montezemelo)
cider_and_toast said:
I wonder what the long term affect of all this will be?

The most expensive divorce lawsuit in history? :)

Anything other than that can only be to the detriment of F1. Hopefully the divorce gods will be smiling on F1...

buxted-plump said:
lets hope the judge is a woman :D or better still princess leia :snigger:

The princess' hairdo makes for a good wig. Therefore, make a good judge, she should do...

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There is only do or do not. There is no try.
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