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I know I'm about 6 months late with this game but so what. Anyway so I finally had enough with Call of Duty MW3 and went to Tesco and picked up Battlefield 3 (for Xbox 360) for £25. I'm glad to say that I have not been disappointed with this game, certainly on the 'realism' side.

So far the game has been excellent, but it's not without it's problems. The main one is that the game is primarily designed for PC, with graphics being much superior than on console and the maps are designed for 64 man lobbies, yet Xbox is only capable of 24 man lobbies which means there are a few dry periods in some games. Furthermore there are people that will consistently wait to spawn in vehicles, which consequently means that unless you do the same it can be hard to gain access to vehicles.

However these problems are largely based on system performance or player attitudes. Overall the game is largely enjoyable and I would recommend it. Battlefield 3 earns an 8.5 from me.

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I bought this game when it came out, but like other games that I bought in that period, it's lying there in it's original packaging.

Been hoping to try and play it soon, but with so many other games, and with me being busy, and my xbox tv being hogged by an arse, not sure I'll be able to play it soon :(
Anyone playing this still? Couple of new expansion packs out and I'm spending many an evening getting blown out of the sky.
I get bored of it easily, especially if you play team deathmatch. It's just too big, I don't feel as if I get into the game at all as the games are too long.
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