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Various reports are surfacing that Rubens may be staying at Brawn next year but, rather bizarrely, the same articles carry a report that Brawn altered Barrichello's tyre pressures at his first pit stop. I seem to recall Rubens complaining that the handling of the car had changed significantly after his first stop.

Should this be true I can't imagine Barrichello would have much desire to stay with Brawn as this wouldn't be the first time he has been on the wrong end of "strategy" decisions within the Brawn team.
I can't imagine Barrichello will want to stay at Brawn, nor do I believe there is a Brawn plot to nobble him. I think amongst his dissatisfaction he will realise that Brawn GP revived the corpse of his F1 career, and he'll leave for pastures new with little bitterness.
As I posted in the 2010 sumary thread, Willi Webber who now manages Nico Hulkenberg has stated that both Nico and Rubens have signed for Williams next season which just adds more weight to the "done deal" case.

As to weather Brawn sabotaged Rubens in order to favour Jenson, I doubt it somehow. For that to happen it would have had to have been done by Rubens race team and given Jock's reaction to Rubens on Poll ("Button where are you now") I think he had a fair ammount of support on his side of the garage.
Biggest load of tosh i've read in a long time. Was reubens complaining of over/understeer? If so, then this will be the reason for changing the pressures slightly.

The biggest pressure change came when he didn't quite give a faster McLaren quite enough room and suffered a puncture.
I think this will go down as one of those conspiracy stories that will be brought up in years to come when people talk of Rubens never winning a championship but coming close.

Maybe even on here in 10 years time!!
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