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Leave me alone I'm on Smoko
I miss @Rayfromtoronto (not really).

Personally I do not think we've seen the last of Meph forever. The boy still loves his motorsport whatever he says. Maybe I'm in denial.


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I would just like to reiterate others and wish Meph and Jen all the best.
Most of the time I have thoroughly enjoyed the banter, I haven't been on the forum much recently & even if I don't contribute I do like reading the posts so thank you to everyone else still on here!


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And so suddenly everything is okay with F1 is it? As of tomorrow I am officially opting out, I am getting rid of sky sports and will catch up on F1 when I can be bothered, 25 years of following a sport that I used to think I couldn't do without a sport that if I was watching my wife would fend off interlopers from the front door and on the phone simply telling them he won't talk to you he is watching formula one which is his passion.

The sport is now total crap and I am upset that it has become so but I will not waste another penny of my money or another minute of my time watching it.

Well done the FIA and well done Bernie for making it shit, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

And Brogan could you do me the honour of banning me from this site because I no longer want even the tiniest temptation of causing disruption to this forum due to my views on a sport that has now gone to shit, and I am being serious.

I thought being a member of a forum would increase my interest in the sport but in fact it is one of the reasons I now have no interest in the sport, I may find my way back to liking F1 again but I will never join another forum...
Am a bit late, but...


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You could always clone yourself and get the new you to ban you. It's possible, I've seen it done before:



This cost me a tenner, but so L'Oreal.
Crikey! Forum drama reminding me of my teenage years. Where's the face-palm smilie?

I've enjoyed some of your posts over the years guys. All the best.

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A bit sad to see Meph bow out so publicly - I guess withering irascibility can be wearing on a chap though. I'm more shocked to see Jen go (what will become of the Mad Chair now?).

I wonder if this has anything to do with the reports filtering out from the MTC of a spate of dog turd ambushes on vehicles entering & leaving the "Employee Vehicle Temporary Storage Facilities" - rumour has it that Ron Dennis is now almost exclusively resorting to coming & going via helicopter, following ruinous bills for faeces removal from his company P1 - oddly enough, the only cars not so targeted have been those registered to J. Button & F. Alonso. Unconfirmed reports have mentioned a furtive figure seen lurking in the shrubbery clutching a catapult & a Netto carrier bag full of noxious canine deposits...
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