Another new Lotus...


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Looks like all the brother and sisterly love in Norfolk is starting to bear fruit as another new racing Lotus is popped out - The Evora (a Portugese city apparently)


Aero work by Dallara and being "shaken down" by the F1 team it will race in it's own series and in GT4 category. £120,000 for the race car if you fancy one, no mention of how much the road going version will cost (not that I could afford one anyway!)
Strangely the name Evora was selected before someone found out it was a city in Portugal.

It goes back to what I was saying in another thread. Thanks to the revival of the name in F1, Group Lotus has finally got off it's backside and deceided to dip it's toe back into the world of motorsport.

Good to see.
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