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Just been thinking recently about how MotoGP has allowed the teams to take "concessions" in order to equalise the field and how its been an utter genius move. The field is the closest it has ever been. Could it work in Formula 1? I was thinking about different "classes", involving extra fuel, weight reduction, use of softer tyres, extra testing, extra parts, even a budget restriction for the higher classes.
I was reading how Ducati's performance gain has been removed from 2016 due to these concessions they've had as being a factory bike with no wins since 2013. Having previously entered as an open class bike last year.

It did made me think that would be a good idea for F1 but the problem will be it takes all the teams to agree to this unless the engine manufacturers voting are independent from the teams.

It just won;t ever work because the teams at the front don't want to lose their advantage.. the only thing that has been a concession in the last 20 years was the introduction of Friday practice session for teams who finished outside the top 4 in constructors previous season and allowed to enter a 3rd car for test drivers in return for less in season testing. This made a difference to Renault in 2003 and BAR in 2004 as both teams had strong seasons
I think at least allowing more fuel and a little less weight for the lower teams should be allowed. Marussia aren't gonna threaten Mercedes if they're allowed to take 30kg out of their car.
They had a mixed grid of turbo cars and normally aspirated cars in 1987 (just as an example). I'm not sure anyone really cared a great deal about anyone but the guys at the front.

They could mix it up in the same way they do with the Le Man Prototypes and work on a maximum total power output but then we might have one team streets ahead of the others and we don't want that in F1 do we...
FB You know that was partly down to there was a push to go to normally aspirated engines but Ferrari protested to the point that if turbos are not allowed they will leave F1 and go to Indycar and even built a protype entry as proof

They obviously thought they were about to unlock the potential of their latest turbo and beat Honda who manages to outsmart them and find even more power over the winter coupled with a late change in the design of the Mclaren before the season started
Ferrari were left with egg on their face .. their turbo was fuel thirsty and had to run at half power to save fuel during races
Does anyone remember the Jim Clark Cup then in 1988 ?

Which comes to my point because the way F1 is ran where all teams agree. I can't see Mercedes and Ferrari giving up their advantage to allow the others to catch up unless Jean Todt and Bernie finally put their foot down in this matter
watching the midweek report, why did we ever get rid of max mosley because in half hr with him & kevin eason. i heard more sense about the big problems in f1 like the a 2 tiered f1 & better prize money system instead of problems that can wait. because f1 should've had a huge wake up call 2 yrs ago when maldonado was the most sought after driver because of the size of his wallet not talent

but i would like the idea of 2 tier f1 where you stay with these regs or have 100m cost cap but greater technical freedom because then these team might finally become more financially stabler. i on gpda survey propose a new prize money scale using the same amount of money 1.1billion given out in 2014

70m would be given to all the 10 entries. then perfomance money scale of 100 for the winners 75 55 40 30 25 20 15 10 5 also 25m bonus for team with world champion
Much like retired Generals who whinge and harumph about the lack of Troops and the cuts to defence spending, it's very easy to declare all that is wrong with F1 and your sollutions to fixing it, from the comfort of your own retirement. Mosley in power had the opportunity to demand change. He missed that opportunity. He suffered from being too close to dear old Bernie so that when it really mattered later in his time as President of the FIA he couldn't achieve a great deal. Also, let's not forget, he was a hugely divisive figure with the teams (not least McLaren) being at one time almost the Co-Chairman of Ferrari in the way he made some of his decisions. I think the terms 'grass' and 'greener' apply here.
Yeah, I think that was one of his ideas. They did that in Non-Championship races in the 70's didn't they? Running Formula 2 and Formula 5000 cars in the same field as F1 cars at the Daily Express Trophy and things like that.
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