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Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Girl falls asleep during a storm, has a dream, then wakes up.
- The Wizard of Oz

Hookers hire reformed alchoholic and drive him to drink.
- Unforgiven

Retard looses fight with boxing world Champion.
- Rocky
Man believes post apocalyptic world will all be ok again if only he could deliver the mail.

Oh wait, hang on, that really is the plot of Kevin Costner's career busting 'The Postman'. Three hours of your life you'll never get back.
LOL never seen it. Why would you watch a film called 'the postman' anyway :D
Saw a film advertised recently called 'The Accountant'. WHAT. How to guarantee it bombs.
Band of idiots travel thousands of miles and end up in numerous bloody battles in order to melt a ring in a volcano that is cooler than the sword smiths forge back in their home town. Idiots.

Lord of the rings trilogy
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