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What's going on here then?


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SV: ...and then, ja, I suggested to Christian before the Abu Dhabi race, that he, ja, bring Mark in early for the pitstop, and we just couldn't, ja, believe that Ferrari fell for it!
MS: Ross never would have taken that bait...good job he's vorking fur mich now, nu?

FA's thoughts are sadly unprintable...


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Nando is focussed whilst protecting his vitals and wonders why neither speak Spanish or Italian?


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SV - "I told Fernando that of the three of us he's screwed over the most team mates and now he won't talk to me"

MS - "Yeah, that whole pit lane thing with Hamilton just showed no class at all"


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SV - So when I told Ferrari that I would go there after I get bored of Red Bull they said they needed to get rid of at least one idiot first.
MS - But the team had a vote and said they never wanted to loose the ice cream supplies again...

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