A plea to the BBC


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On Sunday I, like many others (possibly millions), will be tuning into the BBC at 1:00pm because we have chosen not to pay BSkyB to watch F1. My reasons are that quite simply I can't afford it. However, this doesn't mean that my support of F1 should be dismissed.

F1 has always been a rich man's sport with a high price to participate. It has also largely been a rich man's sport to view live. However, the sport would not still be with us without the millions of fans who watch it around the world who have no chance of ever racing and little chance of ever attending a race.

It is these millions of fans who attract the sponsors, manufacturers, pay per view broadcasters and create the excitement.

I fully understand that F1 has priced itself out of public service TV. However, the BBC does have a responsibility to give the very best coverage it can and deliver to the broadest audience possible. That audience will be made up of people who support all the teams from Red Bull to Marrusia; all the drivers from Vettel to Karthikeyan.

I really hope the BBC production team will resist the temptation to give us the Vettel / Hamilton show with a few plucky Brit's to fill in the gaps... or worse Match of the Day overtaking highlights and a barrel load of punditry.

The BBC have the opportunity to give us something different; some genuine public service broadcasting. I really hope they deliver; and if they don't they could read this forum for some feedback...
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