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World Champion
usual fare. although im writing this blind as with most European races wont see it til later tonight. probably post Formula E with being highly likely da costa sealing the title tonight. anyway back on topic

was a thriller worthy of the last 70yrs. or alot like recent dew yrs of F1 alot of hype & excitement ends in disappointment
I think 8.
It was interesting due to different tyres strategy

Was far less interesting than last weeks race. The tire stuff was edge of the seat action. Todays race was largely a procession.
There was first overtaking by Verstappen in the season today.
And this overtaking has big because helped to win
6 - it lacked a bit of excitement but wow, a team actually tried a different strategy and it paid off. That just shows that when the right tyres are available with a decent overlap of performance we actually get something approaching unpredictability.

The whole idea of bringing three different choices and dropping the option and prime cack was supposedly to give teams the ability to do something different yet we have always seen "follow what the other teams do" at almost every race.

More of this please.
8 - just finished it, i quite liked it it was no Austria. this is race was nearer the Austria than stryia hungary & britain that was 49 laps of nothing. it was engaging & the winner was up for grabs throughout. but how much of was because mercedes had led all but 1 lap this season & this was only 2nd time since singapore that mercedes hasnt won
4. About as exciting as last weeks would have been without the jeopardy of the last 3 laps.

There were no overtakes that weren't tyre life related, and drivers didn't fight them too hard because of the tires. It was more of a time trial than the IoM TT!
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