2017 Predictions

Thanks for the reminder. Not too bad.

  1. Mercedes will be constructors champions again.
  2. Redbull will be much more competitive and give the Mercs a hard time.
  3. Ferrari will still be 3rd best and Seb will keep being an angry potty mouth.
  4. Lance Stroll will be consistently better than Massa after the summer break.
  5. Liberty Media will try and implement some big changes.
  6. Bottas will be a big challenge for Lewis and things will get nasty pretty quick.
  7. Lewis will be World champion.
  8. Williams will get back on the podium.
  9. Perez will Replace Massa at the end of the year.
  10. With the end of engine tokens the Hondas will work there way on to the podium on at least 1 occasion.
  11. Bottas gets his first win at the first race.
  12. I'll still be too scared to cancel sky and use interweb tv.
  13. Bernie will hang around like a bad smell all year.
  14. Kimi will finish the year with more points than Seb.
  15. Overtaking will be down on 2016 thanks to the new regs.
  16. Lap records will drop like flies.
  17. Dan and Max will fall out.
  18. Someone will be caught cheating in a 'cheatgate' of sorts.
  19. Jenson will get a job as a pundit.
  20. Alonso won't retire.
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Raikkonen wont retire like we all assumed in 2015 & 2016. will break his 64 gp ferrari drought win a race
half & half. he hasnt retired even if his underwhelming performances have made us think he should. but he didnt end his win drought but he should've after Ferrari screwed him after ending his pole drought in monaco

Williams will massively underperform & come 8th/9th in constructors
ok they finished 5th but I still this is pretty correct, as they weren't the 5th fastest team had 1 of the worst chassis on the grid saved my Mercedes if they had a Renault or Honda they would've been backmarkers for sure fighting with sauber

Mercedes domination is over we will have at least 2 teams going for victories
yes Mercedes Domination was over we had 3 teams going for victories with Red Bull & Ferrari joining for 1st time beating them in a straight fight

But Lewis Hamilton will win title in close fight with Riccardio
In the end it wasn't a close fight or with riccardio, but close fight was vettel fault because without Singapore idiocity it would've been Abu Dhabi decider with 6 pts between them

Sauber will fold & finally a sustainable budget cap thats been needed for 5yrs will be brought in
Sauber are still there just, but no expected more of a Ferrari junior team & Budgets caps are being discussed, will be brought in

Kyvat wont finish the season & Gasly drafted in
No explanation needed, pretty happy with that LOL:whistle:

Sainz final season at Toro Rosso as like Max Verstappen he will want either want a move to senior team or move another team
same again, pretty much what happened Sainz got irrated at staying at junior team too long

Austria pole lap will be 63 seconds & be 1 of shortest pole laps in history
Unfortunately no at 1:04.251, although Bottas did achieve the shortest pole lap in for 27 years

Manor will continue to progress albeit with 2 new drivers & beat sauber
who knows what could've happen but then went under preseason

Someone will create a massive upset compared to 2016 season rocket up pecking order like Brawn & Red Bull did in 09, Mercedes & Williams in 2014
I think I just about take that because Force India should've finished 1-2 in baku but that was a 1 off

Vettel its make or break for him & ferrari as i cant see relationship staying together if they both dont improve on poor 2016
yeah I think this correct, because the fact that Vettel should've taken the world championship to final round shows the huge pace advancement that can only bode correctly for 2018, otherwise it would've been adios

Lance Stroll will do alright after acclimatisation will start to outperfom massa after spain/Monaco
he did do alright some good performance in Baku kept his head when many more experienced couldn't, & that highly impressive qualifying in Monza. but didn't outperform Massa

Vandoorne will push Alonso seriously hard
No Alonso was on different level some weekends to Vandoorne who is a good driver but you cant compete with miracle worker sometimes

F1 drivers will be contesting Le mans 24 hours this yr
a year too early for this one, although I never say did current F1 drivers so could be bang on as Brendan Hartley won Le Mans then competing you had Buemi, Nakajima, Davidson, Vergne, Chandhok, Barrichello, B Senna, Stevens, Lotterer, Fisichella, Kobayshi & Piquet Jr

2016 will be same top 3 in 2017 in no particular order though
Yep no Change & if anything they looked like they were an LMP1 with another 7 in LMP2

Rio Haryanto to get sick of people saying "didnt you used to race in F1" while working at his dads stationery business
this was spot on, but sad story behind this back in July the man from Duran Duran visited his dads stationery business, asked him that question & Haryanto actually got really angry decked him & his dad came in saw the man from Duran Duran on floor & sacked rio. that's why hes got back to testing a formula e car in preseason

going for home wins galore
Ferrari to win at monza
Riccardio to win in Australia
Red Bull to win in Austria
Stroll to win in Canada
Honda to win in Japan
Sainz jr to win in Spain
Vandoorne to win in Spa
Haas to win at COTA

Lewis to win at Silverstone
Kyvat to win in Russia
Perez to win in Mexico

Palmer to take out Hulkenburg & in the frustration he turns green rips off his racesuit & KOs Palmer with punch Anthony Joshua would be proud of
yeah this is the conspiracy this why he was dropped Sainz is just a cover story. Palmer just cant race until he recovered from his Injuries that he sustained in the hulk attack in singapore, when abiteboul Found out instead of being angry. he gave Hulkenburg a pay rise saying thank god you've done me a huge favour, as that man was useless
Well I've not seen any channel 4 so will take your word for it. Thanks.

F1Brits_90 Sauber just signed for Alpha Romeo take over.

yeah i dont why i didnt include as thats why i mentioned ferrari junior team. but i write i as i am talking so i can say/think alfa romeo therefore i think i wrote it LOL:facepalm:

well as you know i am the sky sports man not for any reason but people on it if brundle & ted worked channel 4 id watch that. but i just have this nagging idea that channel 4 had him for 1 race like sky/rosberg in japan. although the more i research the more im starting to think this might be a dream i had once
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