2013 Total Driver Performance - Post Canada

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Vettel still sits in the #1 spot with Raikkonen right there. Alonso climbing up the ladder quickly and it's awesome to see di Resta near the top - dude needs a bigger ride in 2014. The Mercs, especially Lewis, are still being hurt by great qualifying and poor race results.
It's kind of hard to explain, so here is a screen shot of the formula. It works in three parts. 1) Average points scored divided by 25 (max points possible). 2) Average positions gained or lost per race 3) Average qualifying minus 1. #2 is divided by #3. That total is added with #1 and that total is divided by the number of races completed, so currently it's 7.

Through some changes, I do not count results for drivers when they have a mechanical failure or are taken out by another driver. For the most part it works, but there some fixes that need to be made.


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Seems a really good system and some interesting stats. I'll watch with interest.

Good work fella.

(now do you wanna tell people Hamilton is the worst performing driver or shall I? ;))
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