f1 2016

  1. olegg

    Poll Which of the Grand Prix of 2016 was the best?

    It took a bit of time after the last race of the season. You can look back at the season as a whole and choose the race or races (up to 3 races) that are most remembered. While it may be someone no one race of the season did not like. Particularly interesting opinions of those who participated...
  2. olegg

    F1 2016: best-looking car

    On the f1fanatic was voting best-looking car this seson This is result Selected from the following: Mercedes W07 (2016) Ferrari SF16-H (2016) Williams FW38 (2016) Red Bull RB12 (2016) Force India VJM09 (2016) Renault RS16 (2016) Toro Rosso STR11 (2016) Sauber C35 (2016)...
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