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Known to every one as Bro, he is the founder of Clip The Apex.

What started out as a hobby rapidly evolved into a full time job, almost. One of these days he might even find the time to write something here.


Originally from the West Country but now living in the West Midlands along with his wonderful wife and child, their three cars and a caravan.

He stumbled across Clip The Apex by accident after mistyping "clap the epics" into his search engine. Once registered however it became apparent that this was no ordinary motorsport site and one that was worth hanging around.

Known to be fond of a now defunct British Formula One team, he considers himself to be the site expert on all things Lotus. Others have pointed out to him however, that an "ex" is a has been and a "spurt" is a drip under pressure.

Cider and Toast, or Cat as he is known for short, took on the role of Global Moderator because he thought it sounded good and appealed to his megalomaniac tendencies. Well that and no-one else wanted the job and he felt sorry for Bro.

His heroes are Colin Chapman, Jim Clark, Ayrton Senna, The Wurzels, the Thatchers Cider Company and the bloke who invented toast.

Former Staff Members

Occasionally, staff members step down and return to their previous lives.


Our former system administrator and developer.

Responsible for designing and coding the Overtaking Database and Fantasy F1 interfaces.


Previously known as Fat Bloke, aka Patrick. A soft Southerner living "oop North" 'cos that's where the work is. My life is aerosols, literally and metaphorically and I'm responsible for that air freshener which makes your house smell sooo lovely.

An F1 fan since the late 70's, I took a serious interest from Alan Jones' championship year in 1980 and onwards. I worked my way here (like many others) from 606 and found the level of discourse more to my liking.

I was asked to be a Moderator as Bro thought I had too much time on my hands and I was logged in too often. For my sins I was then promoted to the role of Administrator.

My favourite driver, you will be astonished to know, is Jean-Pierre Jarier who, as well as being one of the unluckiest drivers in F1, is also very eloquent, as his columns in the now defunct Grand Prix International will testify. Vive la France, vive la République!

I also have a confession to make; I'm a closet Sebastian Vettel fan. Deutschland über alles!


Once known as "GordonMurray" on BBC 606 before the idiocy levels were turned up to 11.

I migrated in the opposite direction to my parents from the wilds of Bedfordshire to the capital in the 1980s and have been a regular at London's two finest sporting venues - Brands Hatch and White Hart Lane - for over 20 years. I take an interest in all things four-wheeled and in addition to F1 am an avid follower of international sportscar racing, the BTCC and rallying.

My first hero was Alain Prost but today I don't have any particular team or driver affiliations in F1. I can even, occasionally, see things from Luca di Montezemolo's point of view...

For many years I have compiled the overtaking statistics which can be found elsewhere on the siteand, for sins committed in a previous life, I also devised and used to run the Fantasy F1 League game.


Hello, I'm Speshal (my mum told me so) or Ed/Ted to you, and I currently hail from the windy tundra that is Salisbury Plain, where the druids roam and the sheep explode, if the Army are playing war that day.

I too am another 606 refugee and am so very glad I found this place. I have been into all forms of motorsport since I was knee high to a grasshopper after an encounter with a 50cc monkey bike at the village fete aged 5.

Formula One is my first love but I'm of the adage that, if it's got an engine in it I'll watch it. I also love MotoGP, BTCC, Le Mans, Isle of Man TT, and Trials (I venture out on my 1978 Bultago Sherpa for vintage trials when it's not too muddy).

An out and out(ed) McLaren fan since the mid 80's - I don't let that get in my way of appreciating great driving (much).


A professional Northerner and typical grumpy teenager, I was previously known as MclarenSupremo. As the name suggests I am a McLaren fan and have always followed them since I first started watching F1 in 2001; how on earth did I keep watching?

Another one of the 606 refugees, I washed up here while looking for a motorsport forum.

I spend too much time on here so being a moderator at least served some purpose, and there were also the free biscuits of course.


A quick check of his sparse 606 member history reveals that teabagyokel participated in the BBC's "discussion" on Max Mosley in June 2008. Surely the door to Clip The Apex was opened there...

Either way, he has found a home here, with loud noises from his cage sending other members scurrying to the General Motorsport forum in fear. Some members chase the beast into the Quiz section; few survive with their points intact.

His Fantasy F1 glory days are well behind him, but he runs Team Mate Prediction scores from his hermit's office hidden under the floorboards of Luca di Montezemelo's office.

He also has the second highest post count on the site, which his therapist says is healthy.

The Pits

Hi all, I am The Pits, or at least that is what I am told on a regular basis! I have been loitering around the world of motorsports forums since a dull day at work in 2009 led me to join the BBC 606 site; later, after seeing sense, I migrated to chez Clip when the good ship finally sank.

I have a passion for most things motorsport, specifically, being the geeky/nerdy type I go in for the technical bits. I have been this way ever since watching René Arnoux crash at Monaco, not sure what year, but it was the first thing in F1 that caught my imagination and I have been hooked ever since, despite the stress that has ensued on many occasions!

I have been fairly close to motorsport since I was but a young lad, as I was fortunate enough to have a friend whose father raced, and as such I got to go round the country with them. This meant I was lucky enough to watch many of the big names early on in their careers, even meeting Rowan Atkinson before he dumped his Metro in the gravel on the first lap at Brands!

To complete the nerdy image, I have a fascination with old railways and never miss the opportunity to travel on one of the country's multitude of heritage and narrow gauge railways.

Anyhoo, I love the chat and opinions that you guys generate, and look forward to more!


A relative newcomer to Formula One, "Keke" grew up in New Hampshire thinking the Indy 500 was the absolute pinnacle of motorsport. That changed for good in 2007 when he was well and truly infected by the F1 bug.

Fascinated with the sport like never before, "Keke" embarked on a mission to learn as much as possible about the history of Grand Prix Racing, and whenever possible, watch the video footage from the period. What resulted from this quest was an archive of GP coverage from 1980-2010 rivalling only the personal collection of one Bernard Charles Ecclestone.

Fancying himself as an "Overtaking Aficionado", "Keke" takes great pride in the videos produced after each race, summarising the on-track overtaking action gathered from multiple sources. All of which can be found in the various overtaking threads in the Statistics & Analysis forum.

Currently favours the only man who can match Keke "The King" Rosberg for sheer excitement on the circuit. That man is of course the 2008 World Champion and unofficial F1 Overtaking Master, Lewis Hamilton. Holds a soft spot for Keke's boy Nico too.


Lightweight studier of the Korean language and general fan of anything east of Europe, Enja was bullied and harassed into joining Clip The Apex by secretive agents whilst eating a Cornetto outside the MI5 building in London.

Originally hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, he is the self-proclaimed Biggest Fan of Kamui Kobayashi In The World™.

When he's not baking tasty food from his home, he can usually be found shuffling papers for the charity he works at part-time or reading up on his favourite sport, American Football. Enja found Formula One to his liking in 2007 when Lewis Hamilton burst onto the scene and hasn't looked back since; often supporting erratic drivers or those with 'unusual' driving styles.

He has aspirations to visit West Coast America, Japan, and Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

His favourite non-alcoholic beverage is dandelion & burdock and he admits to having a John Cusack man-crush.

fat jez

Stephen to his friends, or Mr Jez if we're being formal, he took his forum name from the large cat featured in his avatar, Jerry, whose nickname is itself a mickey take on Fat Les who had the dubious hit single "Vindaloo" a few years ago.

Hailing from North of the border (well, nobody's perfect), after graduating from Strathclyde University with a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, he found himself working at a large mobile telecommunications company whose future is "bright". Ironically working there at the same time as Bro, although their paths did not cross.

His love of F1 comes from his father and several Uni friends and he joined Clip The Apex near the start, as the conversation standard on 606 left a lot to be desired. Foolishly putting his head above the parapet when Bro was looking for additional help, he was once a Moderator.

He doesn't have a favourite team or driver as such, just an intense dislike for the favouritism shown at times to the red team by Federation International d'Automobile, or Ferrari International Assistance as he likes to refer to it.

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