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The BBC has asked the F1 drivers to come up with their best 5 races of all time. They've apparently listed them in different ways, and Seb V has come up with 5 Seb V races.

However, never to forget you, the CLIP THE APEX member, what are your favourite 5 historical races, and why?

Mine - and you may spot some involvement with rain!
  1. 1998 Belgian GP - This is the race that, I suppose, got me watching F1. Memorable for that crash!
  2. 1999 French GP - We didn't get qualifying on TV, but the race was beautifully chaotic!
  3. 2003 Brazilian GP - Wow! Just wow! Amazing race, bonkers ending, stuff happening from start to finish!
  4. 2008 British GP - Two of the best performances I can remember, from Lewis Hamilton to win it and from Nick Heidfeld to come second with a string of double-overtakes.
  5. 2010 Canadian GP - Come on, Pirelli!
Those races all won by Jordan or Lewis Hamilton. What could that mean?
Excellent idea for a thread!

1. 1992 Monaco GP - This was the 1st GP I can remember watching and even though our Nige didn't quite get past Senna it was an amazing finish to a race.
2. 1994 Austrailian GP - Memorable for one reason and unfortunately it was the controversial moment when Hill was taken out of the championship.
3. 1996 Austrailian GP - Brundle had one of the most spectacular crashes ever seen, It was also Villeneuve's debut race, Hill battled with the new Canadian who was leaking oil all over his car but battled on to take the win at the end.
4. 1998 Belgium GP - This will feature on a lot of our lists!
5. 2008 Brazillian GP - It was either going to be this race with Hamilton just sneaking past in the rain to win his 1st title or 2009 with Button taking his 1st title, I chose Hamilton's as I nearly put a hole in the ceiling with my head after jumping off the sofa!

In true BBC style I have chosen to embed my number 1 choice. The closing laps of Monaco 1992

1. 2008 British Grand Prix - A race i was extremely fortunate to be at. Watching Lewis Hamilton's start from Copse is something I'll never forget
2. 2003 British Grand Prix - A mad race which had pretty much everything (including a priest on the track)
3. 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix - As teabagyokel has already said, an amazing grand prix.
4. 2001 German Grand Prix - Not neccesarily the best of spectacles, but it was the race that got my attention onto F1, (helped by flying cars at turn 1)
5. 2002 Australian Grand Prix - A race which gave everyone what proved to be false hope about the year. Half the grid wiped out on lap 1 and Mark Webber finishing 5th on debut in his Minardi
1 - Monaco 82 - 5 different leaders on the last lap including Derek Daly, the sheer unpredictability & Murray going Ape.
2 - Portugal 85 - Lots of rain & Senna showing a true masterclass winning by over a minute driving in what is probably the most beautiful F1 car ever made the Lotus 97T, beauty personified for an F1 fan.
3 - Germany 00 - Rubens on dry tyres staying out on a wet/dry track with Hakkinen hunting him down, Oh & Rubens started 18th on the grid, absolute skill in driving in both conditions.
4 - Spain 86 - Unlike Monaco 92, Mansell could have taken Senna on the exit from Ducados (final lap & final corner), but Senna being Senna on the exit flicked the Lotus' back end out stopping Mansell momentum & finished 0.014 secs behind, an opposite power slide defying logic.
5 - Brazil 08 - I never watched this race I listened to it on the radio whilst driving home from Brands (Truck racing). The radio commentator for 39 seconds thought Massa was World Champ as did we whilst stuck on the M25. Then he went crazy as Hamilton crossed the line & realised what had happened. It took what seem ages until the commentator was confident what had happened, disappointment turns to sheer euphoria.

My interpretation of my best races as the ones that stick in my mind the most, or give me goosebumps thinking about them......

One I would have like to add but I was too young to watch but what a race. Italy 1971, coming out the Parabolica for the final time Gethin, Petersen, Cévert, Hailwood & Ganley all could have won, in the end Gethin did in his BRM, the top 5 all finished within 0.6 that is racing
Germany 2000 - I knew I'd forget one. Ah well, my choices stand.

One I would have like to add but I was too young to watch but what a race. Italy 1971, coming out the Parabolica for the final time Gethin, Petersen, Cévert, Hailwood & Ganley all could have won, in the end Gethin did in his BRM, the top 5 all finished within 0.6 that is racing

As DOF_power has departed this forum, I'll just post his choices:

  1. Monza 67
  2. Monza 69
  3. Monza 71
  4. Every other race is pure crap.

It goes down in legend, ATL, and quite right. I was disappointed when it lost its closest (1st & 2nd) finish to Schumi & Barrichello messing around at Indianapolis in 2002. I just clarify this because I think I've slagged off Monza 71 in debates with Lord Voldemort in the past, and I don't really want that to stand as my last comment on the matter!
1) Belgium 1998 - self explanatory
2) Brazil 2003 - self explanatory
3) Suzuka 2005 - how could you all forget about that one!
4) Brazil 2008 - self explanatory
5) Canada 2010 - self explanatory :D
Well, I have seen plenty of races dated before 2007 which was when I started watching, via illegal streams. I know, I know.. But they lack the intensity that the ones I've watched live. So I'll go post-2007.

5. Fuji 2007 - I think it was the first race that I'd ever woken up at stupid-o'clock to see, and boy, it was worth it. As a Lewis Hamilton fanboy it was pure joy watching him trounce the field while Alonso was in the wall. And, what is often forgotten, is that Kimi Raikkonen had a great race from 3rd, down to 21st, back up to 3rd. A large part was down to strategy but he had some great overtakes as well.

4. Silverstone 2008 - Again another exemplary performance from Hamilton. Everything from the way he started to the end was flawless and it was great to see him do it on home asphalt. We can't ever forget the hilarity that were the Ferraris on that day.

3. China 2010 - Absolute entertainment and some great performances across the field. Watching Hamilton battle with Schumacher was great as was some of the interesting psychology in the pit lane with Vettel and Hamilton going to wheel and Alonso forcing himself past Massa. A great drive from Button as well.

So far my choices have all been in the wet.. perhaps Bernie has a point? Um, no. He doesn't.

2. Australia 2010 - A very exciting, hard-fought race, I wouldn't call it a wet race but it certainly added some spice at the beginning. The continued battle between Webber, Hamilton, Massa and Alonso was great and although it ended quite poorly, it was again confirmation of Button's great feel in tricky conditions. It also perhaps marked the passing of Michael Schumacher's greatness as he struggled with the new generation of drivers.

1. Turkey 2010 - This may be a surprising pick but it's genuine. It's not based on the fact that Hamilton won, although of course in the end that was nice. For me this was the defining race of 2010. It's quite a tricky one to explain but I'll give it a try. In qualifying we had a fascinating scenario. The Red Bulls were very quick, very very quick, but at last, the McLarens looked much closer. The question was whether they could turn that into pole. They couldn't, and started 2nd and 4th. Hamilton's qualifying lap was stunning, it was the epitome of a violent, relentlessly pursued lap time. By this stage I was already ridiculously excited that the Red Bulls had been split. From there, and with belief in Hamilton's skills, I was anticipating it very eagerly.

It didn't start off well for me. My usual race viewing set up was affected by some other sport being on red button. As a Freeview user, it meant I couldn't get my usual mix of BBC1 TV and my separate DAB radio alongside it. Although it was out of sync, it was always better than listening to the clowns on BBC1. Unfortunately for me, I always like to record the BBC1 coverage and the 5 live audio on a separate channel, so I can keep both on my computer - it's very hard to get those 5 live broadcasts! And that way, I can revisit races with my choice of commentary. Neat, huh? Aaanyway.. both 5 live and 5 live sports extra were taken up by different sports, so the broadcasters at 5liveF1 said they would set up a special DAB station.. For some reason I couldn't get it and I had to watch online. Little did I know it was more in sync! So I was pretty pleased.

Maybe it was the position I was sitting in (upright in a chair rather than slumped on the sofa), in front of the computer, maybe it was my general mood that day, but as the race progressed my heart rate must've been at an all time high. My leg was shaking and I'd never felt anything like it. The whole race was just.. intense. Every lap there was a chance for Hamilton to overtake either Vettel or Webber, and the whole layout of the track was just perfect for the scenario in which the RBR cars were faster through turn 8, but the McLarens great in a straight line to the best overtaking spot on the track. The question the commentators and myself were constantly asking was, 'can Hamilton carry that extra bit of speed through turn 8'. Everyone could see he was pushing like crazy. It was a real pleasure to watch someone drive like that. We had seen him in practice, I think, spin at turn 8 where all the teams were trying to get greedy and take that extra risk.

Of course, there had to be a crack somewhere and after 39 laps of relentless pressure, it happened. Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel collided as I literally shouted in shock and surprise. It was unreal. All that pressure had finally got to that point and it was incredible. And then to top it off, watching Hamilton and Button go at it wheel to wheel was exhilarating, terrifying and brilliant. An extraordinary race like I've never watched before, and I thought, that is exactly what F1 should be, races where people have the chance to overtake and apply pressure, hard, close pressure, and go at it relentlessly to see who wins.

I think a big portion of it goes to 5 live, to David Croft and Anthony Davidson. I've watched the race since and it doesn't hold the same intensity, partly because I know the outcome, partly because it isn't live, but mostly, I think, because of the BBC1 commentators. Their [5live's] enthusiasm and excitement was palpable and they clearly enjoyed it as much as I did. That's important, I think, when it comes to commentary of any sport.

I do actually consider it a real shame that because the broadcast was not on 5 live or 5 live sports extra - remember it was on a specially set up digital radio signal - because it meant that it was never put on iPlayer! :disappointed:

So I never had the chance to record it live, nor listen to it again nor record it after the fact.

Perhaps it was meant to be, but it was a special race and a special broadcast, to me.
Im disappointed Nurburgring 2007 hasn't come up. The comedy and excitement of that race was quite something for me ... watched from a bar in Majorca :s No matter what your former allegiance, you had to support the Spyker! at least 6 cars
crashed at 1 corner, surely a record for a non first lap.

I was in and out of F1 since mid 90s but with Hamilton I found the excitement and competition to increase and have been hooked since. (And I had the time to watch it having previously always been busy on Sundays) For that reason I think any race I were to mention would already be far too well known so I will leave it to those more knowledgeable to bring classic races to the fore.
I think there are a few more then 5 i could pick...... Funny thing with bernie's crazy idea's going round, i think they all involve rain (as 'i think' because theres still bout 10-12 races im thinking of as i im writing this). perhaps Bernies is not as mad as we all think :p

in no particular order.

Fuji 2007 - Ok the first half hour sucked but once the saftey car came in all hell broke loose. Anybody could of done anything. and to top it off Massas and Kubicas battle to the chequered flag was just beutiful to watch.

Nurburgring 1999 - Just one of them wow races. Rain, Crashes, more potential race winners then you can shake a stick at, Hakkien and Irvine battling for the title, minardi point scorer in a race they should of had two cars in the top 6. I fel badoers pain too when his car failed. And in the end Herbert won in a Stewart, who would of predicted that before the race.

Suzuka 1998 - pretty much a one man show - and it was a race where he lost the title. They Say schumacher cannot overtake. Well theres one race to disprove it. Stalled on the gridsendind him to the back. Unbelivable start from him going round the outside of people through the esses, Moved from pretty much last to 8th-10thish in about 3 laps. and any slim chance he had of taking the title was lost when he retired from a punchure after running over debris from an eariler accident.

Spa 1998 - Need i say more?? the mother of all pile-up at the start of the race, Couthards and Schumacher's crash. Murray's commentating, And a Jordan 1-2. And thats only a very breif if it needs to be disscussed.

Melbourne 2010 - incidents, battles, rain and strategy. Could you ask more of a race? Was one of those races where you earned every point you gained.
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