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I saw gethinceri post his list of current teams in order of most favourite to least and thought that would make an interesting thread.

So, post your order of current teams, don't skip any and we'll see who favours what going into this season.

I'll stress that least favourite, as Geth said in his original post, does not mean you hate that team.

You may wish to post some reasons for your choice or just a list. Let's see what we get.
1 - Mercedes
2 - Ferrari
3 - McLaren
4 - Toro Rosso
5 - Haas
6 - Renault
7 - Red Bull
8 - Williams
9 - Force India
10 - Manor
11 - Sauber

Not really being a fan of any team, my list is based more on the drivers at teams & which intra-team battles interest me.
5.Force India
9.Toro Rosso
10.Red Bull

I despise the two bottom teams on my list in equal measures.
1 Williams
2 Force India
3 Sauber
4 Toro Rosso
5 Manor
6 McLaren
7 Renault
8 Mercedes
9 Ferrari
10 Haas
11 Red Bull
This is really difficult for me, as I don't really have permanent favourites in drivers or teams and it changes so easily:
1. Manor because underdog
2. Toro Rosso because racing spirit despite being encumbered by Red Bull politics
3. Ferrari because heritage
4. McLaren because Button & Alonso
5. Williams because still independent, just

6. Force India because Mallya financial dealings
7. Haas because even though I like seeing them do well, their success may change F1 for the worse
8. Mercedes because politics
9. Sauber because 2015 multiple drivers craziness
10. Red Bull because whiny Horner
11. Renault because Carmen Jorda
Like a few have posted already, I've found this difficult but here's my list:

1. Williams
2. Ferrari
3. Manor
4. Sauber
5. Red Bull
6. Mercedes
7. McLaren
8. Renault
9. Haas
10. Toro Rosso
11. Force India

I've gone for Williams more out of their history than anything else, Ferrari because I believe that Seb can take the fight to the Mercs this year and Manor because they're the underdogs. At the other end of the list, I don't dislike Haas but haven't grown to like them yet, I want to love the driver battle at Toro Rosso but they should still be Minardi end of, and Force India are to me the height of a bland, what are we called this week, I'm not that bothered about either driver or the team, meh !! Formula one team.
Hard one, but I'll try. I'm mainly driver driven but not entirely.

1. MERCEDES - Lewis. Very good with fans.

2. WILLIAMS - CLaire. Massa. Whole history of the team

3.TORO ROSSO - Drivers/battles. Keeping independent from Red Bull.

4.HAAS - Grosjean's smile. The freshness of a new team

5.MANOR - Wherlein. Underdogs.

6.FERRARI- Tricky one! Pro: romance, history, taking fight to Merc. Con: Veto, FIAT favouritism.

7.RENAULT- I like Perez. I want them to beat RB. But team has changed name SO many times!

8.FORCE INDIA- I just seem to have gone off them.

9.SAUBER- become nondescript.

10.MCLAREN- Button

11.RED BULL - Whiny hypocrites ( but I like Ricciardo)
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There's a tricky question, some can change race to race.

1. Williams
2. McLaren (despite their best efforts over the last couple of years
3. Mercedes
4. Force India
5. Manor
6. Hass
7. Toro Rosso
8. Renault
9. Sauber
10. Ferrari
11. Red Bull
Boy I was wrong about second favourite team

1. Ferrari (It's on my avatar)
2. Haas (fresh, Ferrari's engines, Dallara chassis!)
3. Williams (history, Massa, Bottas, nice livery)
4. Toro Rosso (driver warfare, used to be Minardi)
5. Mercedes (Well managed team, Good line-up)
6. Manor (Underdog)
7. Force India (pro: good drivers, king of the middle field con: badly managed)
8. Renault (What was it called before? at least stands out)
9. Red Bull (thanks to Ricciardo only)
10. McLaren (For killing Button and Alonso's careers)
11. Sauber (zzzz)
Well, in keeping with the thread title, my favourite F! team list is from -WBF1-

Seriously though:

1. Williams - Damon Hill, and the excitement of the 90's
2. McLaren - Introduced us to Lewis, also enjoyed Hakkinen, Coulthard, Senna, Prost, Button (not necessarily in that order). A long way back though.
3. Mercedes - I know a man!! And seeing how they have competed since taking over Brawn in 2009
4. Force India - perpetual underdogs, love the occasional giant killing
5. Ferrari - Vettel, some of the old John Barnard stuff, some great performances through the years.
6. Hass - New blood, I like the way they have done things so far.
7. Manor - gotta love a trier. The fact that they are the only one of the 2010 new teams still going is a major plus, although they do need to actually make some progress at some point!!
8. Red Bull - I actually quite like Red Bull. A factory visit helped, but Ricciard and Vettel are two faves of mine
9. Toro Rosso - rather magnolia for me. lots of talent using the team as a half way house.
10. Renault - Least said, soonest mended!
11. Sauber - seem to have really lost identity and direction, and previous greatness (Kimi, Felipe years) is not enough for me, as I cant warm to the current set up.
I could rant all day about Carmen Jorda >:(, do we have a thread for her already or shall I start one? (it won't be pretty)
Rant away pob! Start the thread because I'll get in on a piece of that Jorda hating.

Fav teams:

1 - Minardi
2 ) Simtek
3 = Notts County
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I can't give you a 1-11, because I can't really say I like or dislike the teams. There are several people who can be cordially invited to do one, but most of them have.

Horner > Briatore...
well here is mine

1. Mercedes - the Silver Arrows car nothing to dislike about that

2. Mclaren - I don't think they've gotten angry with a team with great history that seems to not able to sort itself out properly with the races it has

3. Haas - refreshing for F1 and definitely will be mixing with big boys in future

4. Ferrari - Until they start playing politics they are in my good books

5. Williams - Would love to see them win again but am somewhat frustrated with their cautious (and don't beat Mercedes) race approach and keep throwing opportunities to win

6. Force India - not a fan because they are run by a few crooks and really are routed to midfield

7. Toro Rosso - a team known for potentially either elevating a driver's career or ending it permanently so it seems

8. Manor - Difficult to say until they start delivering decent results

9. Renault (ex Lotus) - feel sorry for the team run by a bunch of idiots who were not interested in the long term and almost bankrupted the team.

10. Sauber - sorry this team should not be in F1 after the problems of last year signing 4 drivers with contracts and sacking Van Der Garde
11. Red Bull - the amount of whingeing last season from the management because they were not winning and publicly slating Renault was very unprofessional and went beyond pathetic
I can't list the current teams in any sort of order as they are all as unpleasant, in some way, shape or form, as one another.

Williams - used to a great team but now insist on employing a driver so far past his sell by date he is starting to smell and their senior engineer is a cheat
McLaren - Ron Dennis, what a git
Mercedes - No history (despite what they claim) and making the sport boring. They are the PSG of F1
Haas - Who? And their team principal needs to cut down on his pork life
Ferrari - Well, I don't think this needs explanation does? They have abused the sport for their own ends for too many years
Red Bull and Toro Rosso - when the arse falls out of the disgusting "energy" drinks market they will be gone, gone, gone...
Manor - Wow, plucky also rans :yawn:
Renault - Badge engineering
Sauber - Monisha Kaltenborn, moron
Force India - VJ Malay and his appalling haircut. He epitomises everything wrong in Indian culture
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