Your F1 Race of the season?


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I wanna know what was your F1 race of the season, why you enjoyed it and would you watch it again?

For me it's the Monaco GP for the sheer drama!

First stint Vettel lead, but a dodgy pit stop lead to Button taking the lead and Alonso moving up to 2nd with Vettel crawling back into 3rd. After that dodgy pit-stop, Red Bull put Vettel on a one stopper, but the other two team hadn't twigged on that. Button then pitted again and Alonso took the lead for a while until he then came into the pits and Button lead Vettel and Alonso at that stage. But Button then had to pull out a 20 second lead to get out in front of Vettel after his 3rd and final stop. But he couldn't do it the lead hovered around the 14-15 second mark which wasn't enough for him to get out in front of Vettel and Alonso.

But that wasn't all the drama, Hamilton had a coming together with Massa at the nose hairpin and it wasn't the only coming together he had with Massa this season, which lead Hamilton to having a drive through penality. Plus again later in the race Hamilton had a coming together with Pastor Maldando and yet again he recieved a penailty this time a 20 second one after the race.

Young Scot Paul di Resta also had a coming together with a Virgin racing car and also gets a drive through penailty.

But the race was marred by a nasty incident involving Petrov, Sutil, Alguersuari and that man Again Hamilton on lap 72, meaning a long stoppage and the race begin red flagged. Petrov out of all four drivers was the one that was must hurt outta the lot. But the way F1 cars are built these days means we didn't get a fatality thank god.

But back at the front the three leaders were all within 2 or 3 seconds between them. With one stopping Vettels tyres going off he was starting to struggle and the two drivers behind him were gaining at a rate of half a second a lap. Button with fresher tyres was the one that you'd bank on taking the win but when the red flag came out we missed out on a proper scrap at the front and when everyone was on the pit-straight they all changed tyres.

So this is one race where Vettel had luck on his side and eventually took the race win by 2 seconds from Alonso and Button.

Surprisingly Hamilton managed to crawl his way back round to the start/finish straight and ended up finishing the race in 6th!

I'd definately watch the race again if it was on the tele :).

Right over to you guys :).
China, just showed Vettel can be stopped, Abu Dhabi as Vettel was stopped again, Canada for obvious reasons and the Nurburgring! (See any pattern?) I also remember waking up really early for several races, but another mention to Monza, top 5 China, Monza, Canada, Nurburgring, Abu Dhabi
Yeah I would say the same as you Coach, didn't really enjoy the other races this season if I am honest. Nurburgring was alright until the end as Alonso couldn't do anything on the harder tyres as usual. The rest where a bit 'meh...' yes, even Canada was 'meh...' for me as the race got ruined.
Monaco. The way Button and Alonso were catching Vettel and putting him under pressure was fascinating to watch. A few moments of carnage, and there was alot of overtaking, considering it was Monaco. If the teams weren't allowed to change tyres at the red flag, and the tyres continued to degrade at the rate they were, this race would have been one of the top 3 greatest races of all time. Seriously.

And all this without rain!
Actually hold on to that!

I quite enjoyed the Hungarian GP! Cars sliding around everywhere, the front runners all making mistakes, looked as if it would be a three way battle, but it was clear the McLaren's where faster. Buemi came through the field and put on a great overtake on Kobayashi from 18th to 8th :)
Belgium, bloody loved it :) Race might have been a bit of a let down but being frozen and soaked for a weekend was worth it
China, great to watch Hamilton being smart when overtaking Button and using his new batch of KERS. The last bit of Canada was good but the bit before and we had to wait wasn't fantastic. Germany was also really good with the overtaking action of Hamilton, Webber and Alonso. I sound like a bit of a McLaren fanboy don't I... It's true!
Anyone for Japan? No? Only me then - oh wait Mephisto must have enjoyed that one as Vettel didn't win...

...the race!


Sorry, couldn't resist LOL
I could watch China and Canada again and again, a bit off a toss up between the two. I enjoyed the tension in the Spanish GP, probably the one race where DRS was an all round success (allowing the car behind close enough to get out of the dirty air but not enough to make a pass inevtiable).
I'm going to agree with Hammi and go Monoco because as I've said before I can;t remember shouting at the TV wincing at every corner for a long long time. I will say that China(always a good race) and Canada, for its grandstand finish, probably run it a close second and Hungary deserves a mention too.
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