"You should wear a bullet proof vest!"


World Champion
Not sure if anyone caught this but it looks like Mercedes tried to play to the old Ferrari politics and put Red Bull out of the championship battle by suggesting that for daring to appeal. They ought to get further punishment like previous teams have when challenging a stewards decision

In attempt to defuse the row apparently Lauda attempted to make piece and walked into the Red Bull garage/ motorhome with cake as a goodwill gesture. Helmut Marko responded with that he should have worn a bulletproof vest

When Red Bull start upping their pace if this happens things could get a feisty and nasty between these two teams
We know old King Rat is going to play the game, we know Horner is going to as well.

Red Bull were hardly innocent of boot inserting when black helmet gate came in either.

As last year, this. The titles will be decided on that thin grey line of tarmac.

Good luck to those trying to catch Ratty and Wolfy...
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