Poll Worst ever F1 circuits - the poll

Worst ever F1 circuit

  • Valencia Street Circuit

    Votes: 27 60.0%
  • Bahrain International Circuit

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • Yas Marina Circuit

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • TI-Aida

    Votes: 1 2.2%
  • Pheonix Street Circuit

    Votes: 1 2.2%
  • Las Vegas (Caesars Palace Car Park)

    Votes: 6 13.3%
  • Circuit de Catalunya

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • New Hockenheim

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Now it's time for the worst ever circuit poll. I have received your nominations of pathetic excuses for a racing circuit. This time we have managed to include 8 nominations from the noble members of CTA. Circuits which failed to make the nominations cut included the noble circuits of Indianapolis, Magny Cours, Imola, Dallas and Marina Bay.

So, the 8 finalists are:

Valencia Street Circuit:

This street circuit was introduced to the F1 calendar in 2008, and it already has made a huge reputaion as staging the most boring f1 races known to man (2008+09). With endless stop-starts, and no real passing opportunities, even Pirelli tyres and DRS couldn't liven the show. Whoever allowed this circuit to be on the f1 calendar should be trialled for crimes against humanity. The circuit really is that terrible.

Bahrain International Circuit:

A soulless dustbowl with run-off stretching for a mile around, and no real reputation of great racing, and having the 2010 race as surely one of the worst of all time, this circuit epitomizes the tried and failed attempts to introduce great racing at f1 tracks. The venue doesn't help much, either.

Yas Marina Circuit:

An empty plot of land. Money no object. They could have built any decent circuit in the world. What did they do? They built one which is shaped like a gun and (metaphorically) wants to make you shoot yourself. Slow, fiddly chicanes followed by endless straights with no real passing oppurtunities, and then multiple 90 degree corners, on a permanent track this is unacceptable. Yes, the hotel and everything may look nice, but the race circuit is one of the worst of all time. And that is an understatement.


Set in a remote part of Japan with no easy access, this tight twisty racetrack was too small for f1 cars, hence the two races held there were extremely dull. An f1 race at this circuit could send you to sleep any day.

Phoenix Street Circuit:

The most famous thing about this track is that more people were interested in an ostrich race. Endless 90 degree corners, incredibly repetitive and dull, the less said sbout this circuit the better.

Las Vegas:

Set in the city of sin, and this circuit will be welcome in hell any day. Basically a car park, it just looped back on itself endlessly. How it deserved to decide two title fights i'll never know. But we can be thankful that this abhorrance isn't on the calendar any more.

Circuit de Catalunya:

This circuit is already used for testing, so expect no real surprise when you come to this circuit. Famous for 'Beirut' and that disaster of a chicane at the end of the lap, this circuit has historically had problems with producing exciting races. And as one journalist put it, "The Spanish fans nearly fainted with shock at the number of passes at the 2011 race". And this was with DRS down the entire main straight.

New Hockenheim:

Fast, lots of character..... so what do they do? Chop it in half. Of course, it was for purely practical reasons, but to many f1 fans, chopping off half of Hockenheim was a bit like chopping off half of someone's leg. Many regard it as a sin. Now the venue is flat and soulless, and not the blast through the forest thet it used to be.

Remember to vote in the greatest f1 circuit poll - voting for both polls closes next Friday.
Sorry for the lateness, and it's an absolute travesty that 5 of these circuits have been used by f1 in recent years and could be used in the future..... but I guess money talks.
Valencia street circuit, even with all the fake mod cons (DRS, KERS) there’s still hardly any action, even with these tyres that have really spiced up the season, still none.

The only thing I don’t like about this poll is I can only vote for one circuit. lol

Ps, notice 2 thing about these worst circuits 1. They’re mostly flat and 2. half of them have been ‘Tilked’
Yeah, I think it made the list because it was changed for the worse, if it had always been this layout it probably wouldn’t have been here.
I think many of us are annoyed they changed a unique circuit in to an ordinary one, including me.

Ps, I don’t think that makes us idiots BTW.
I've voted for the circuit that really does not have the X factor, the boring street circuit of Valencia. Shame the track doesn't give us the action that brilliant views of Valencia deserve.
Valencia street curcuit has to be to the worst track ever. There could be one way to improve it though, it would be if they raised the bridge so that it would be turned into a ramp, at least it would make the race worth watching.
New Hockenheim shouldn't be on that list. Yes the old iteration was much better but that doesn't mean it's one of the worst circuits ever in F1. That honour goes to Valencia... :sleeping:
New Hockenheim shouldn't be on that list. Yes the old iteration was much better but that doesn't mean it's one of the worst circuits ever in F1. That honour goes to Valencia... :sleeping:
I just collected the nominations - all circuits were nominated by members of CTA, and it just so happened that New Hockenheim had enough nominations to make it into the top 8.
I voted for Las Vegas. Valencia, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain would be the worst 3 for the current crop, but Las Vegas is less an F1-quality circuit and more like something you'd drive around in a kart at Legoland Windsor. I've constructed scalextric circuits that were more interesting than Caesars Palace.

There are some terrible street circuits visited by Indycar at the moment, too. Here are "highlights" from Baltimore:

I only recall about 3 overtakes taking place during the entire race, and they were all due to a car failure.

Note the chicane at 2.20 - makes the Singapore sling look positively elegant.

Hilarious pile-up at 3.25 - what a cleverly designed hairpin!
Valencia and Abu Dhabi hands down...

Bahrain I feel gets too much stick, it has had average races, and one boring race, and the boring race I'm sure came from the new rules and the teams being very conservative, plus also the added new awful section which has been removed.

The two above though, out of 6 races between the two all have been :sleeping:

I will go with Valencia in the poll, since it has had more races than Abu Dhabi.
I have to say I'm not a fan of street circuits per se but my vote just had to go to Bahrain in this instance. Here's hoping they cancel it next year and we have another great race in Turkey instead!
I voted for Valencia, it's the only race I have missed watching live in many a season and didn't even bother to watch the replay.

Shame I couldn't vote for the top 3 on the list but Valencia still pips it.

There are some terrible street circuits visited by Indycar at the moment, too. Here are "highlights" from Baltimore

Jeebus that is terrible :o as an aside do the pit crew get paid by the hour? The first stop in that video seems to take an age compared to F1

Here's hoping they cancel it next year and we have another great race in Turkey instead!

+1 for Turkey again.
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