Williams garage on Fire & explosion

Senna's car.

Just on sky sports news that 1 person was taken by helicopter to hospital. The persons id and their condition is unknown.
A guy from Force India slammed circuit officals for their stewards not getting down to Williams and helping get the fire controlled.

Seems to me that Barcelona's pit lane may just get revamped after this.

But just thankful no one got seriously injuried in the fire.
That's good spirited of the other teams. I wonder who will lend them a car for Bruno??!
According to Williams there are 3 personnel still in hospital, the fourth member of the team was released earlier.
I hope they're just keeping them in for precautionary measures.
That looked an awful fire & the fire extiguishers looked a bit inadequate to me.
On sky sports news this morning that 1 Williams member is in critical condition in hospital. Hopefully they will pull through.

I am stunned that there was no sprinkler system in the garage. To have people fighting a fuel fire with hand held extinguishers is a serious lapse in safety. This must be looked at for all F1 race garages. Learn from the mistakes.
31 people were treated apparantly. And the equipment? Will they have lost valuable things? What a shame that had to happen after such a great day for them.

edit WOW! Ive just seen those photos.
I hope those who were caught up in this make a full recovery, and whatever lessons can be learned, are learned. I suppose there are always things you can look at in terms of fuel storage and safety.

I'm sure Williams have several spare tubs back at Grove by this stage of the season. In principle it's no different to Senna writing off a chassis in Mugello testing last week. I would have thought that entered into their contingency planning from an early stage.
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