Williams FW32 spotted out on track

I like it, reminds me somewhat of a shark.

From the angle it's difficult to tell how long she is.

Although - perhaps it's just the angle but the front tyres look somewhat narrower than the rears? Like I say maybe it's just the angle, but do we know if the wet or intermediate tyres are being narrowed for 2010? I can't remember.
I believe the front tyres are narrower this season, so that contact patch is the same size as it would have been with grooved tyres. It was something that was overlooked when they switched to slicks.
Just seen the first pictures form the Valencia test and the Williams carries a "Williams Hybrid Power" logo on the side of the tub. As they going to be using KERS after all?
Frank Williams did say he was going to defy FOTA and use KERS.

If he does then expect him to be ousted as all the other teams have agreeed not to use it.
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