Why F1?


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I did meet George Best on a train once, not that he was my hero, but he was very nice indeed, I also think he was a little drunk but then knowing his reputation I guess he often was.


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In interviews Murray has always come across a bit weird, but I would have never thought that he’s such a douchebag.

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My father had done some motorbike racing during the time he worked in the competition department at David Brown resulting in all four of us going to motorbike races, mainly Esholt Park (before Emmerdale) but also to Oliver's Mount at Scarborough and Brough airfield near Hull, where there.were also 500cc cars made mainly by Cooper and Kieft.

Then there was the first F1 race, I can't remember whether or not it was broadcast on the wireless or not, but there was certainly a report of it in Motor Sport, edited by Bill Boddy. As F1 became larger I became less interested in bikes as nearly every week there was the death of another diver; Fergus Anderson, who was known as a safe rider, was the final straw. So Stirling Moss took over.

At one time I used to love the sound of the 16 cylinder BRM; usually it was cut short very early in the race. Then there was the excitement of the Thin Wall Special which morphed into Vanwall, winning the first ever season of the World Car Championship. Whilst being in Germany in 1961 and 1962 we got a coach to go to the Nurburgring for the GP. Whilst on the way back in 1962 the news of Marilyn Monroe's death came over the radio. In 1962 I was in Amsterdam on holiday during which a visit to the Dutch GP was in order, this was won by Jim Clark by over a lap; I walked around the inside of the circuit waitung for the crowds to leave and then walked out of the main entrance behind a man wearing a smart suit accompanied by another wearing racing overalls: Colin Chapman and Jim Clark. I later ran into Colin Chapman again, I was walking round a corner of the control tower at Coltishall as he walked round the other and we collided.

For a long time in the 70s and 80s my interset in F1 faded, just as with bikes there were too many drivers died and no-one seemed to give a damn: that one's dead bring on another, see how long he lasts. But thanks to Bernie Ecclestone and his determination it was safe to come out from under the table again. After many years of tv viewing I took my son to Spa in 2001 followed by at least one race until two years ago but went to Monza this year. As you may have worked out I am gradually finding it harder and have thought of desisting, but not yet. As has been said in this forum it is like a drug that you are not sure that it is good for you but want to take just one more time and just one more time and....
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