Who is your second favourite F1 driver?


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Yes i'm that bored that i want to know who your second favourite F1 driver is!

Everyone has their favourites but not many people mention who they second favourite F1 driver is.

My favourite is Lewis Hamilton OBVIOUS

But my second favourite is Paul Di Resta - Absolutely love him, followed him through he DTM days and really do think he has a decent chance to get into a top team if he can prove the talent I know he is. I do think he can come across boring in interviews but behind the scene's I've heard he has a cracking sense of humour but likes to keep things professional whilst on the television. He also reminds me of Jenson Button with his driving style at times.

So who's your second favourite F1 driver and why?
Hmm...second favourite?

Well Moose is away, Raikkonen will probably be my favourite on the grid. Not a fan of others.

I would say Massa, as an old Ferrari fan back in the day, I used I support every Ferrari driver, Massa was the last one I supported before I stopped supporting them.

I thought he was the wrong replacement for Barrichello as I thought he wasn't up to scratch to be a Ferrari driver. But he kept proving me wrong in 2006.

Started supporting him in 2007 and in 2008, as a Massa fan, it was really sad to see him lose the title in such a fashion.

Ever since I've been supporting him, I noticed how unlucky he is.
Nico Rosberg. He's quick, consistent and, more often than not, "best of the rest". A champion if the cards fall right for him. Every bit as good as the likes of Jenson Button who is the first driver I would compare him to. Lewis Hamilton is the guy I'm always rooting for, for my sins.
2nd favourite? tough one. Hamilton in P1 obviously......

It'd be either Hakkinen, Raikkonen, or Yamamoto.

Probably Hakkinen in the end though as he won all his races and championships with McLaren and had some cracking battles with Schumacher. Good qualifyer, good starter, good at wheel to wheel action, consistent

And his own dryer sense of humor

Lewis first. To exciting to be anything else. :1st:

Second...Hmm I think Jenson. Never used to rate him highly back in the day. But I have to say he surprised the heck out of me in 2011, even better than his Brawn year. Hamilton has his hands full. :2nd:

Third would be Rosberg. Anyone that can make Schumacher look silly gets my support. :D:3rd:

I hope in the future my fellow Scot DiResta will surpass Jenson and even Lewis as my favourite, but his lack lustre second half of the season has cast doubt in my mind. He has everything to prove this year.
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