Who do you think will be the next driver to join the Grand Prix winners list? Why? and when?

Who will be the next new Grand Prix Winner?

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Ok we have 14 drivers on the grid without a Grand Prix win and a few waiting in the wings. Who do you think will be the next to join the Grand Prix winners club and how soon do you think its going to happen?

I guess Rosberg is the obvious choice as he's the only driver driving for a top 4 team without a win under his belt - however with a few up and commers in the midfield you have to ask yourself will Merc build him the car to win before one of those guys moves to a team they can get a victory for.

Ricciardo has to be a contender as they look like they're lining him up to replace Webber at Red Bull - although Vergne's appearence on the scence could threatern that.

Paul Di Resta could be in the running with his Merc connections but that again relies on Merc catching up with the other teams.

My money is on Sergio Perez. I think he's set to take over from Massa in 2013 and I think he'll do a good enough job and the Ferrari will be a good enough car that season for him to notch up a win.

What do you guys reckon?
I've gone for Nico too. Unless Mercedes do "a Toyota" and run away as they haven't won anything. Might not be until 2014 though when the new engine regs come in.
Rosberg seem to be the best bet, as he's the next best team capable of winning a race and as a driver is rated quite highly. Di Resta is also another candidate, I think he'll hone his skills in 2012 at FI, then move on to Mercedes and if they have a race winning machine then it could be him who takes his chance before Rosberg. The next biggest threats on the list are the Toro Rosso boys, it's only a matter of time before Webber retires and with him gone they are the likely candidates to take his seat, the only question will be which one, my guess is whoever comes out on top next year will get a shot at it.

To sum up Rosberg is most likely so I'll vote for him.
I've gone for Rosberg as well because he has more than enough ability. He just needs a car that's a few tenths quicker.
Actually reserve drivers stand a fair shot, particularly the McLaren and Red Bull drivers. So Paffet/de la Rosa and Ricciardo could stand a slim chance. If the team in question had a significant performance advantage over the entire field and the other race driver has a mechanical retirement then it is likely the driver stepping in have a fair shot at it. For all we know this could be as soon as India...
I've also gone for Rosberg. The Merc must soon turn a corner and get closer to the front. A wet day, SC and some good pit fortune and I could see him picking up his first win.
Boring, but I have to say Rosberg as well. He's not exactly the quickest in the pack, but he isn't a bunny either. He's got a decent set of wheels under him and he has been there or there abouts all year. If Schumacher sticks around next season I think Nico could well be in with a shot of the top step, as Michael's demanding nature is surely driving that team along. Without someone like Schumi to do the heavy lifting on the development front, however, I think he would struggle. Williams' decline coincided with his tenure at the team, and I can't help thinking that although people look to Sam Michael and Adam Parr as major culprits, Nico wasn't exactly the sort of driver who drew the technical team around him and led from the front either.

I'd love Perez or Kobayashi to be in with a shout, but realistically I don't think Sauber is ever going to give them that platform. Surely one or the other will be picked up by a big team sooner or later (do we need to see Honda's return with the 2014 engine regs for that to be realistic for KK?), especially as the last few races suggest that Sergio is really something a bit special. However, it is a big "if" surrounding their futures, so I wouldn't put my own money on either of them making the grade.
Whoops forgot to cast my own vote. Like I said Perez for me

Some well thought out arguments and I did think he'd be the clear winner but hadn't expect the swingometer to go quite so heavy towards Rosberg. My bet that he'll never ever win a Grand Prix is looking increasingly stupid.

Something I didn't think of - no one consider the fact that the Renault/Lotus team whatever they are might be capable of coming up with a winning car? Was only 5 years ago they won the championship
Di Resta. I think he's really got the spark. All he needs is a top team to realise it, otherwise he may go the way of many others who never quite got the chance.
If Mercedes finally sort themselves out Nico could be in the running for wins next year

Interestingly he is considered a key player in the drivers market for 2013 now alongside Lewis Hamilton to determine the movements
I'd have to go for Rosberg too.

But the top 3 teams have been so dominant of late.

No new winners in 2011 or 2010. As far as I can see, the few to join the winners list were Webber 2009, Vettel/Kubica/Kovalainen 2008, Hamilton 2007.
Firstly this thread does kinda remind you just how much Formula One is all about the car. The last driver to be added to the list of Grand Prix winners was Mark Webber in 2009 after the German Grand Prix.

Back to the topic, though Rosberg seems an obvious choice I personally don't think Mercedes will have a potential race winning car until the new engine rules come into play in 2014 and the same goes for Renault. My money's on Alguesuari being the next Grand Prix winner if he can replace Webber in 2013.
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