Who am I? - Part V


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Ok, you all know the rules.

Who am I?

1) I am an F1 race winner however on my debut I qualified last on the grid.
I withdraw my Damon Hill as he qualified 16th in the "delightful" Brabham BT60 in his first race.
Sorry guys. No right answers so far.

Clue 2) It took me until my 34th race to score a point and before that I had retired 29 times!!
Good guess work all, however we haven't found our man yet (oops, at least that rules out Lella Lombardi and Desire Wilson LOL )

It's great to see the though process behind each guess.

On FB's earlier guess of Damon Hill, Damon did qualify last (26th) for his first GP start at the 1992 British GP however he had also failed to qualify for the previous 5 or 6 races.

Our chap qualified last on his first time out.

I will post clue 2 later on this evening for those of you who are still up or don't need your beauty sleep.

Now we have the 2nd clue can I guess at Keke Rosberg. He drove some dodgy cars although it might have taken him more than 34 races before his first win.
I'm going to post clue 3 early as I won't get a chance to post again until tomorrow afternoon.

So Clue 3) I once appeared in an Autosport Article, in a list of the 10 drivers who didn't deserve to win a race.
Hmm, Peter Gethin - but I don't think he managed to clock up 34 races.

Perhaps this guy didn't either...oh what the heck

Jean-Pierre Beltoise?
No to both GM

Any one else??

Clue 4 will be posted in a few hours (once I get in from work :D )

And the winner of who am I part V is.............................

Teabagyokel :cheer:

Yep it was Sandro.

Over to you mate.

For interest the remaining clues were:

Clue 4) The only driver in the 1980's to have won just one race.
Clue 5) Career cut short by a tragic helicopter accident.
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