Wherefore art thou Bernie?


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With the news that Mr Ecclestone could be up in front of the beak for alleged financial wrong doings I though we could come up with some suggestions of how he could slip quietly away and then reinvent himself in a new career.

I'll open you up with changing his name to Silvio Becclestoni, taking over the leadership of Forza Italia and having a few bunga, bunga once elected as Prime Minster of Italy.
Team up with his new missus to enter one of them wife-carrying championships.

Or star in the next Harry Potter as Harry's great-granddad in "Harry Potter And The Concorde Agreement".
He could hide in London zoo, hanging on underneath a Male Elephant, if anyone looked, I'm not really sure they would notice.....
Back to his roots.

I am sorry to make a comment that should be in the pedant thread, but the title, when modernised, means:

Why are you Bernie?

Just thought I'd mention it. Phillistines.
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